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MoT: Background of the Rei-La

Background of the Rei-La

The Rei-La are just one of a number of sibling shape-shifting alien species that adapt and grow based on their parent planet. The Rei-La are from the planet Rei and so take that as part of both their racial name as well as personal name. (Tao-La from planet Tao and Per-La from planet Per would be other examples of sibling species.)

Rei is a planet that is shrouded in darkness for an average of 36 hours of its 41 hour days. There is plenty of land masses but most do not exceed 6,000,000 km2 and the ratio of water covering the planet is about 64%. The topography can best be described as both jungle like and desert-like depending on the location, and the gravity is somewhat lower than that of the original Earth.

Due to the nature of their surroundings, the Rei-La have developed several physical characteristics such as multiple eyes, fins and luminescence that exist across both their humanoid and shifted forms. The Rei-La's shifted form is a creature similar to what would be known as panthers, suited to living among the thick undergrowth, trees and mountains. Their eyes and luminescence assist them in the dark while their fins allow them to take in moisture from the surrounding air and traverse the numerous bodies of water. Other typical physical characteristics are purple tone skin, average heights exceeding 6 foot and an average lifespan of 215 years.

The Rei-La are genderless and thus reproduce asexually. When they reach a certain stage in their maturity a naturally occurring trigger in their DNA causes them to conceive, carry and birth a single offspring whose gestation period is about 13 months. This only occurs once in their lifetime. Generally known as a curious and peaceful race, their initial and longtime isolation from other species have left them somewhat naive regarding other species and with a childlike lack of empathy toward them. Due to this, it is thought that the Rei-La are the accidental cause of the Lycanthropic virus caused by a careless and irresponsible first contact with humankind.

As a species, the Rei-La are highly developed intelligence wise but choose to live in a simpler more naturalistic way in harmony with their planet. They are communal, with a few exceptions, and no one's voice is more important than the others. Most Rei-La are scholars in fields such as Botany, Astrology, Zoology, Anthropology, History and Medicine. They have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and dedicate their lives to that pursuit.

Stat: Perception +1, Willpower -1
Boon: Panther form (As wereform but panther set, no trigger for the Rei-la)
Problem: Lost empathy or Pacifist.

Extra Boon Options
Virus Resistance:  At the end of each session reduce virus by 1d6.

(This background to the Rei-La was provided by Nikki Simon, a player in the current game set to the Prime Gate Network setting.)

MoT: Foundation of the magic system part 1.


Reading Magical Skills

  Magic is broken down into skills and styles within. When you take a Magic User boon, you gain access to specific magic skills and styles. As you train you may be able to develop more styles in the skills you know. Each skill is has a Stat focus that is used with the magical skill when using that type of magic. Some Skills break down into divisions as well. When you gain access to the skill you select one division, this can mean something different for different magical skills so read closely.

Reading Styles/spells

  Under each magical skill, there are a set of 'styles' or spells if you prefer. Each will give an effect of what it does and some qualifiers that may improve the effect, such as spending mana, regents or extra successes. Some Styles may even have style upgrades, that if you learn can improve the effect or potential of the spell further.

Mana Cost and Casting

  When casting a spell, unless stated in the effect it cost no additional mana on a success. Though there are often options for spending extra mana to improve the effect. However, when you fail to cast a spell, that is a different matter. When your character fails a spell roll, they must either pay one mana for every result of 1 on the spell dice or suffer one minor for each of those resulting 1 dice. That is the risk of magic. You may negate this effect by paying one mana before the dice are rolled.

Magic and range

  Unless stated otherwise when a spell is cast you must touch a target. This can be negated by proper Catalyst or medium that characters can learn or purchase.


  The art of strengthening the flesh and bone of the living.
Skill: Biomagic
Stat Focus: Endurance
Targets: Must be used on a living organic being.

Biomancy Styles

Bolster Form - Select one physical attribute each time you take this style.
Effect: Increase the physical stat chosen of a target by 1 for a short duration.
Additional Success: Increase the bonus to stats by one per additional success.
Spend mana: For each mana spend add an extra short duration to the time remaining on the effect.

Harden skin
Effect: Gain 1 armour for a short duration
Additional Success: add an extra short duration to the time remaining on the effect.
Spend Mana: +1 armour for the effect.

Effect: Convert 1 major wound to a minor wound.
Additional Success: Convert additional major wounds to minor wounds.
Spend Mana: Recover 2 minor wounds equal to mana spend. This cannot heal wounds caused by failed uses of magic.

More coming in the future, stay tuned.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

MoT: Shapershifters/wereforms (template)

  Shapeshifters are a common trope in many tales.  These rules will focus on the classic werecreatures of mythology.  Having an alternative animal form they become.  Dire in natural and more powerful than their natural counterparts.

Lycan (Template human only-For use with Prime Gates setting)
  Humans suffering from the Lycan or were virus.
Combine with human stat adjustments (If any). But not boons.
Major Boon: Were-form

Minor Flaw: Triggered form

Were-form (Major Boon)
New Skill:  Primal Shift
New points:  Virus, starts at zero
New Flaw:  Triggered form

Primal Shift (Skill)
  The ability for the inflicted to control their form and harness the new instinct granted to them with this connection.  When you attempt to enter your monstrous form on purpose you roll an endurance+primal shift, each success allows you to safely hold the form for 10 minutes outside of combat, or one turn in combat.  You may hold it up to double that by increasing virus by 1 for each additional success you would need.  Trying to control a triggered transformation is a willpower + primal shift, gaining control of the form for a number turns based on successes, before rampage continues.  If you gain more successes then turns the trigger would cause, you can choose not to transform at all.

Benefits of your Monstrous Form
  When a Monstrous form is assumed, They gain a bonus 3 stats based on what animal the virus bonded with.  In addition, all natural attacks are set with damage Strength+Skill+2 (4/6 damage).

  The virus that grants this transformation is also quite dangerous.  Each time you fail to you enter your form by your trigger, increase virus 2.  It also increases when you push your form, gaining 1 virus for each round or 10 minutes you push it.  If you enter your monstrous form in less then an hour from the last time, gain 1 virus.  When you suffer 1 or more major wound from a blow, while in Monstrous form, virus increases by 1.  If your virus ever gets higher then 10 times your Willpower, it could strip you of your higher thoughts and you could forever become a rampaging beast.

Lowering Your virus rating
  There are limited ways to reduce your virus rating.  When you cause a major damage to an organic target you may transfer one virus onto the target.  Once a session, you may attempt dangerous way to burn out parts of the virus.  At a location saturated in magic, you may roll an Endurance + Primal Shift, and spend mana in success rolled to reduce your virus by that much, however, this inflicts that much major damage as well.  Finally, if you go a session without transforming, you may lower your virus by 1d6.

Turning others
  If the virus is inflicted on target, the next time the target experiences your wereform's trigger, they must roll an Endurance + Willpower with setbacks equal to one fifth their virus rating.  If they succeed then all virus is lost and they remain human.  If not, then the virus is set to zero, and they become a were-creature transformed by the one that spread the virus.

Sample Wereforms

Stats: +2 strength, +1 endurance
Trigger:  Disturbed sleep

Stats: +2 agility and +1 Strength
Trigger:  Jealousy

Stats:  +1 agility, endurance and strength
Trigger:  Bright flashes of light.

Stats:  +2 agility and +1 perception
Trigger:  Attacked unexpectedly

Stats:  +2 perception and +1 agility
Trigger:  Hungry for more then a scene

Stats:  +1 agility, strength and perception
Trigger:  Full moon

Minor Talents for Werecreatures
Deadly aggression:  Change natural attack damage from 4/6 to either 3/6 or 4/5.  You may take this boon talent twice to have 3/5 damage.

Rapid healing:  Regenerate injury while resting at the cost of virus.  Gain one virus for every 2 minor and 2 virus for every major.

Monday, 15 January 2018

MoT: Earth's history (Science Fantasy Setting-Prime Gates)

  So preparing for a campaign using a Moment of Truth.  Sci-fi with humans exploring the gate system that allows travel across the cosmos.  Here are some events on earth leading up to the start of the campaign.

Events in the Past of Earth

Founding of the first Prime Gate:  Quite by accident, a science experiment on earth interrupted a gate transport of Rei-la Scientists.  In order to return home, the Rei-la were required to pass on the gate building technology to humans of earth.  This led to a non-magic and only moderately technological species to have the secrets of gate creation and interstellar travel.  This is considered by many advanced species, a mistake.

The release of the Lycan virus:  Discovered early in mankind's expeditions to the unknown.  This advanced virus rooted deeply in magical arts was intended as a weapon.  Used to create savage warriors that infected more to their ranks, this lead to a 4-year quarantine on earth until it could get under control by the Lycan Tribal alliance.  A group of werecreatures policing others of their own kind.  No 'accepted' members of society, the werecreatures keep their own in line, often with savage and deadly punishments for breaking the accords set out.

Unified Earth:  With exploration and the Lycan outbreak, earth divided into 4 major factions;  The United Earth Market, a group of the upper financial uniting in the expansion of the human race.  The Guard, military, police protection and control over the criminal. The Lycan tribal alliance made up of the new shift-shaper subsect of mankind.  Finally, the smallest group, the Five, a group focused on the study of magic to bring mankind up to the level of other species encountered.

Discovery of Medea:  The first time that the people of earth discovered other humans in their travels.  The humans on the planet Medea are versed deeply in magic but were staggering behind in technology and population compared to earth.  This led to a strong alliance and currently a gradual incorporation into the power factions of the earth.  This is the first place that the people of earth have been able to fathom creating a real, undamaged Arcane Hearthstone to bring to earth.


Earth Born
Stats Adjustment:  +1 Education, -1 Perception or Willpower
Boon: Status or Wealth (Type)

Medea Born
Stats Adjustment:  +1 Willpower, -1 Education
Boon: Magic Conduit or Weapon Mastery (Select a weapon)

Thursday, 11 January 2018

MoT: New Campaign - Prime Gates

The Plan

  In the near future, I will be running a science fantasy campaign in the system Moment of Truth titled Prime Gates.  It will follow a future where space travel is possible but is mostly done through gate networks on planets and space stations.  The PCs will be focused on a planet known as Medea Core.  There will be fantastic alien species, grand adventures, fantastic magic and comedy of the player characters... so much comedy.

The System 

  So as stated I will be using Moment of Truth by Stu Venable.  I will be making some small changes to the standard character creation.  First, all players will choose a species granting stat adjustments and possibly Boons and problems associated with them.  Second, I will be adding in some supernatural or hyper-tech options, like werecreatures, magic and mad science.  These rules will be found here at the blog along with other setting material. Finally, I hate tracking coin and credit so I will be making an abstract wealth system, that will include money and forms of goods in broad terms.

The Skills

  There are some changes to the standard skills.  First, Drive and Pilot are combined under the pilot for all controls.  Second some new standards are being added to reflect the common use of magic and technology in the setting, which will be described in more detail in later post.  These skills are as follows;  Arcane Artisan, Drift, and Magic Lore. These will beside the other supernatural skills that will come into play.  There will be more on full skills list in a later post.

The Goal

  I hope to both expand the Moment of Truth rules set, creating options for supernatural, and create a podcast over the 2018 year.  Let's hope both are glorious and entertaining to the masses.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Moment of Truth (MoT): New Year, New Project (Limus - Species)

  This year I plan to focus some of my attention towards gaming and fledging game design on the upcoming RPG Moment of Truth by Stu Venable. I have many ideas and hope to get many ideas out there towards not only subsystems but settings as well.  I am looking to see how I can bend and work with the rule set to see what I can get.  So I am going to start with an ooze based race that is playable.  It will be my first attempt at this rules set for an upcoming game.  So let's see what happens.

Major boons
  These are supernatural boons that are either double the normal cost OR are given by a template.  Most templates will either be a Strange species or something added to a simple race.  MoT is not needed to use these boons.

Limus (Major Race)
  Ooze based creatures. Origin seems to be small pockets over the universe. The Procreates through self-mass division. Adult sacrifices itself into many young, leaving itself weakened and creating young of animal intelligence to find their way. Limus instinctively fight others of their species that are of the same size, but not 'family'. The loser is consumed to help the victor grow towards their next spawning. This is their way.
Stats Adjustment:  +1 agility , -1 strength
Major boon: Slime Growth
Flaw:  Hunger (Excessive material, mana or Technology.)

Slime Growth (Major boon)
  Possessed by slimes and even stranger beings, it grants the following below to your character sheet;
New Skill:  Morphic
New Derived stat:  Hunger Threshold  (Endurance + Willpower)/2-1 round down.
New Points: Morphic Size starts at one.

Morphic (Skill)
Restricted:  Must have a proper boon or Storytellers permission to take this skill.  As well you must have hunger threshold above 0.
  Morphic is a skill that lets you do a few different feats based on your transforming nature.  Each time you attempt these feats you gain hunger.  When you gain a rank in this skill gain a feat this skill can perform.  You must gain the number of successes needed by feat to gain benefit.  Note you gain hunger whether feat is successful or not.

Feats of Morphic
  • Humanoid or animal form:  You take on this form for a number of scenes equal to your morphic size.
  • Armoured:  Gain your morphic size in armour for as many rounds as successes against physical attacks.  If you suffer any major wounds after armour then you lose one morphic size.
  • Squeeze:  Fit through a small crack in an area with enough space for water to travel through.  
  • Drone:  Create one drone per extra success, to a max of your morphic size.  They will perform one simple task.
  • Blade limb:  Gain a weapon as an unarmed or natural attack.   Strength + Skill + Morphic size, with 4/5 physical damage.  
  • Spawn (All Limus gain this feat free):  Transform into a ball for ten minutes.  Then explode into a number of Limus equal to your morphic size+1.  Then reset your morphic size to 1.  The new Limus besides your are of animal intelligent and will be for the first year of life.  
  • Mana surge:  If successful produce one mana.
  • Sizable might:  Gain your morphic size in Strength for as many rounds as successes.  If you suffer any major wounds after armour then you lose one morphic size.
  • More options possible in the future.

Hunger and Morphic size
 As your morphic size increases, it becomes harder to feed your hunger.  To reduce your hunger you must consume your morphic size work to decrease it by 1.  Therefore if you consume mana, you must consume as many mana as your morphic size to reduce your hunger by 1.  If you consume more then that when you reduce your hunger from one to zero you may attempt to increase your morphic size.  Roll Hunger threshold + Morphic, if you get more successes then your current size, your size increases by 1.  As well you may consume an opponent with the same morphic size that you slain to satisfy up to 2 hunger and grow morphic size by 1.

Exceeding hunger threshold
  Suffer major damage equal to your Morphic size and lose one size each scene you are active until you have a chance to bring hunger below Threshold.

Minor boons for the Limus

Evolving colour:  When you feed enough to increase your size you may choose to rearrange your feats chosen for Morphic instead.

Masterfully Morphic:  +3d6 to morphic skill when used.

Starfinder: Evolution Crystals (Items/resource)

Basic Information

Evolution crystals are a classification of material found in the universe that could be processed through advanced technology, magic and genetic manipulation to create powerful transformations that can help on small and large scales.

Raw forms

The most often found inert, in large enough quantities can be triggered to have a  minor effect on a large scale. The architects have colour-coded the uses of these crystals in order to better process and market them. Many of these crystals affect creatures on a bio or evolutionary level.

Green: The flow of diversity and adaptation. In large amounts, it can allow a species to adapt rapidly to an extreme change in their habitat. Making evolutionary jumps by leaps and bounds. Large deposits of this colour of crystal hidden on the developing world Dessa.

White: The flow of moving space and communications across the universe. It is the processing of this crystal that allows communication and travel across the stars to the level it has been reached. Often used to make great feat interstellar communication, of smaller vessels and important cargo quickly across the stars. Although any travel provided by this crystal beyond the line of sight will not transport other crystals.

Red:  The flow of Paragon and polarization.  Bringing out the idealized form of its targets.  Bonds with the DNA of those that use them, they can allow one to bring out there best.  Strengths are bolstered at the price of greater flaws.  That is the power of Red.

Sample items Shards

Note:  Shards are Evo crystal items that are one use and have a 1d6 x 10 minute duration in their effects.

Gene Pulse Shard (Red):  Bringing out the paragon of a person's species genetic code, the shard will a different effect on your based on your species.  Below are a few examples;
Humans:  +2 racial ability bonus increases to +4 for the duration.
Wenlsu:  When rolling stealth, you may reroll any result of 10 or less once every 10 minutes.

Gene Spread Shard (Green):  This shard writes a little bit of genetic code of another species to yours.  You must apply DNA of the creature you wish to gain the benefit of.  Once attuned to a species, it will give that benefit when used.  Examples of some race effect below.

Elven:  receive a +2 racial bonus to caster level checks to overcome spell resistance.
Wenlsu:  If you fail a save against poison restore half your stamina points.

Star Messanger Shard (White):  Send a short message of up to 25 words to one person you know in the multiverse.  I will be recieved 24 hours later.  If the target is not of mind to recieve the message, it will be delayed until they can.

Any thoughts on price value??