Tuesday, 5 July 2016

RoaE: Act 5 - Province's status

Province Summary: Black Coral Point
Majority of Terrain: Coast

Item: Heart of Light

Fort Strength 2
Developed regions 3 (Income of 6)
Buildings: Market, Tournament field, Golem Forge


Food 13
Gold 6
Lumber 5
Mana 21
Ore 4

The People
Race: Golem /Dwarves
Current moral 2 / 1

Shrouded Military

Province Summary: Darkness and Bone ship yard
Majority of Terrain: Coast

Shroud Leader

Fort Strength 4 (1)
Developed regions 4 (Income of 8) (1)
Buildings: Mana Node, Gold Mine, Gold Mine, Barracks.

Food 67
Gold 18
Lumber 6
Mana 14
Ore 13

The People
Race: Lizardfolk
Current moral 1 (1)

Military Shrouded

Province Summary: Lantor
Majority of Terrain: Ruins

Leader: Sheera the Exalted of the Old ones.
Spells: 2
Minions: The demon knight (Fury 4)
Item:  Banner of Salvation

Fort Strength 6
Developed regions 2 (Income of 4)
Buildings: Farm Lands


Food 5
Gold 16
Lumber 5
Mana 14
Ore 2

The People
Race: Imps
Current moral 4

(Military Shrouded)

Province Summary: Lon
Majority of Terrain: Forest
Leader: Drita Aleska the Noble
Personal Hireling: Brian Crain (Human Knight. Fury 4. Can hunt)
Items: Sphere of Artifice

Fort Strength 5
Developed regions 1 (Income of 2)

Food 15
Gold 16
Lumber 10
Mana 10
Ore 4

The People
Race: Human
Current moral 4

Military Shrouded

Angelic Legion

??, The Angel
Current Location: Alx
Spells: 1
Tactics: 1
Items: 2 relic fragments, 2 Spheres of Artifice


Food 19
Gold 7
Lumber 0
Mana 39
Ore 6

Current Favour 2

Shroud Military

Monday, 4 July 2016

RoaE: Hirelings Available, Act 5

  A dark demonologist attempting unknown magics.
Wants:  Moral
Loyalies:  None.
Abilities:  Risk up to moral, to gain that many units.

Anna, Tainted Angel
  Entering this realm too soon, her divine form soaked up the tainted forces of their will.  
Wants:  Mana
Loyalties: None
Abilities:  (Fury 3) may assist on Patrols or may bind a province so it's leader may not use spells for the act.

Grim, the Clockwork Titan
  Grim is an ancient creation, that claims to have seen the end of time.  A place none should ever witness it claims. 
Wants:  Ore
Loyalties: Angelic Host 5
Abilities: (Fury 6) may attack on Confronting, Garrison and Siege.

Grit, The Ogre
Wants:  FOOD!
Loyalties:  Bob 5
Ability:  Make people of your province take another action, or recuit a unit with basic tag+brute tag.

James Orb, the Mystic Shadow
  James has been in this dark realm for a long time.  He has survived on his ability to hide and knowledge of Black magic.
Wants:  Gold, Spells 2+
Loyalties:  Bob 10, Legion 4
Abilities: Attempt to steal resources or items.  Also may teach Spells if you have less then 3.  James may shroud up to two targets as an action.

Lady Raven, Human Witch
  Banished from her home land, she now hunts for a home to practice her necromantic arts.
Wants:  Mana, Revenge (Lon)
Loyalties: None
Ability:  May turn 2 Mana into a unit with (Swarm) Tag.  May do this twice a round, but not for the same person, spread the evil.

Samuel, the Archologist
  With a light heart, I seek secrets to the betterment of all.
Wants:  Festivals thrown between provinces.
Loayalties:  Bob 5
Ability:  Can preform the dig action, or may investigate as an action.

Urk, The Dwarven Smith
  A master smith that makes use of lost relic fragments.
Wants:  Revenge (Darkness)
Loyalties:  Legion 1
Ability: Transform 2 mana, and either 2 lumber or 2 ore into a relic fragment.