Saturday, 16 February 2013

Two Worlds: Types of code

  In Two Worlds code is what makes up everything of Paragon.  Originally people, as coders, sot out codes from the world of Paragon.  Since the entrance into our world and the government involvement in limiting the system that these coders entered paragon, there is little chance in finding code to trade on earth.  So those coders recruited by the government enter paragon to seek out new code through the now private system.

What is the code used for?

  Before entering the system the Coders configure up to ten finished codes into their profile.  These collections of codes are often stored within a computer drive as the system can only hold up to ten finished codes at one time.  Some codes must be linked with other.  Fore example, most gear must be linked to a creature code in the profile.  You may only alter your profile during milestones in the game.

Types of Code

Creature Code

Almost every creature within Paragon of any worth has a base creature code.  These codes contain some of the creatures traits, though often not as powerful as the original creature you scan.  These codes can be produced into finished codes.  Finished creature codes in your profile allow you to assume the creature in question, more on this later though.

Components of creature codes

Tribe-origin of the creature
Alignment- The heart of the creatures focus; Talent, instinct, magic or technology.
Aspect- The aspect the coder takes on when assuming this creatures form.
Skills - A skill column the creature grants/has access to.

Gear Code

Equipment and items create codes as well.  They can be scanned and finished like other codes.  Gear codes have a natural affinity with certain properties of cards, most often the alignment of finished creature codes.  

Components of Gear

Name - of the gear
Origin - which tribe produced the gear
Rarity - how common the gear is to find
Value - The cost of the gear for trade or processing
Effect - What the gear does
Advance (X) - An additional or boosted effect if the creature wielding the gear has X.

Location Code

Places you visit in Paragon grant a code as well.  Coders can use these codes when not using a creature code to go there instantly.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Two Worlds: Coder (Character) Creation - Rough Draft

I feel I haven't done enough to fully do a character creation for Two worlds, but feel I need a skeleton for it to go any further.


High concept - Who your character is at their core.  An undisputed center of what your character concept is.

Trouble - Something in your characters life that cause them problems.  Whether a personal problem or an external one.

Connection to Earth - An aspect associated with the world you were born to.

Connection to Paragon - An aspect you have forged in the world you visit.


One skill at 3, two at 2 and three at 1.

Refresh and extras

As per fate Core

The champion

The champion is a creature code that you have advanced and are syched with.

Three other codes

Select 3 other codes, making sure at least one is a location code.

Next article will be about the different kinds of codes.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Two Worlds: Tribes of Paragon

  In Paragon tribes is the name used for groups that have banded together under a single cause.  These groups share certain qualities and skills that help them to relate to one another.  Below is a sampling of some commonly seen tribes so far;

The Common Tribes of Paragon


  The Lanterns are creatures of knowledge and compassion.  This however, they are also organized and discipline.  The home of the Lanterns tribe is the city of Esculla, surrounded by the forest of Raine.  Humanoids and nature fey make up the majority of it's members.

Tribal Skills:  Rapport, Will and Lore
Tribal Aspects:  'Enlightened and Proud' and 'Harmony of Mercy'


  The creatures of the Kree-Ter are not only alien to Earth but to Paragon as well.  They are insect like, and evolve at an unnatural rate.  Controlled by a hive mind, though rumour is that the mind is divided.  The members of this tribe command from the spire Torrant, near the crystal glade pass.

Tribal Skills:  Physique, Notice, survival
Tribal Aspects:  'For the Hive' and 'Evolution is the key to survival'

Under Depths

  There is no shortage of seas and lakes within Paragon.  Beneath the depth hides many sorts of creatures, and treasures.  This tribe uses members that survive and thrive under the waves.  Though many can breathe air as well as water.

Tribal Skills:  Athletics, Will, Resources.
Tribal Aspects:  'Hidden Riches' and 'domain over water'

The Imp Empire

  Imps are normally small, weak, and entirely fascinated with making the lives of other miserable.  In Paragon they have banded together and brought forth magic and technology to make them a force of reckoning that most would have never expected.

Tribal Skills:  Intimidate, Shooting, and Stealth
Tribal Aspects:  'We will cheat to win.' and 'No sacrifice is too great to crush an enemy.'

Well here was a sampling of some of the tribes.  Next post should be character creation.