Sunday, 28 July 2013

To Destroy that Which Created Me: A Becoming Quest, Part 5 - The Final Three Quests

Scene 7: The Door Before the Master

Agent of Threat: Doubt

Set up: The Hero finds the entrance to his former master's inner sanctum. The presence of the power makes the Hero pause.

Mocking door handle
Immense aura of magic
"Can you really do this?"
Unstained appearance
The doors creak open

Threat (8 dice)
Is the Hero prepared to face his former master? Does he have a hope to win? Does he have the courage to do what needs to be done?

Scene 8: Battle Between the Teacher and the Student

Agent of Threat: Forbidden Magic

Set up: Now within the inner sanctum of the dark mage, the hero can afford no hesitation  The duel can have only one victor.

Hesitant Master
No interuptions
Tension of history
"You cannot understand."
Truly potent magic

Threat (8 dice)
  How far will the Hero push his magic? Will he cross the line into darker forces? Can he overcome his master's magic?

Scene 9: Is it True?

Agent of Threat: Mistrust

Set up: Bloodied and beaten, the master begs his former apprentice to listen once more.

All is not what it seems
"Beware the knights, our true enemies."
Exhaustion all around
Tears from the mages eyes
A confession

Threat (8 dice)
Does the hero believe his master? Will the Hero slay his mentor? Or offer him a chance for redemption? Who is the true evil?

Friday, 26 July 2013

To Destroy that Which Created Me: A Becoming Quest, Part 4 - The Middle Three Quests

Scene 4: Approaching the Tower

Agent of Threat: Doubt

Set up: The hero approaches the mystic tower in the south. Crawling with dark servents and powerful wards.

Shuffling minions
Dancing wards
"Are you certain about going in there?"
"Is there another way."

Threat (6 dice)
Can the hero really hope to overcome the power of the one who taught him? Now that the master is willing to break the laws of magic?

Scene 5: Entering the Tower

Agent of Threat: Forbidden Magic

Set up: The hero must gain entry to the tower. As he prepares to, the tower comes under seige by warriors calling themselves, knights of dead magic.

Bloodthirsty minions
Exploding wards
A group of knights
"Death to the dark magic!"
Untrusty atmosphere

Threat (6 dice)
Can the Hero break into the tower? Can these knights help overcome the forbidden magic?

Scene 6: Betrayal Inside

Agent of Threat: Mistrust

Set up: The hero manages to get into the tower. However so did the Knights, and they paint you with the same guilt of your former master.

Violent Knight
"The only good mage is a dead one."
Servents watch for their master
Battle of morals
"Your master will soon join you mage."

Threat (6 dice)
Can the hero defeat these knights without uding forbidden magic? Will the Hero have enough strength left to face the fallen master? Why are unenlightened such fools?

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

To Destroy that Which Created Me: A Becoming Quest, Part 3 - The First Three Quests

Scene 1: The Messenger

Agent of threat: Doubt

Set up: A Messenger arrives telling you that your master has become corrupt and evil. The village of Harwan needs you before he returns.

The Messenger
"Your old master is evil"
College Janice
An urgent message
"It can't be true"

Threat (4 dice)
Can the hero believe this terrible news? Can he bring himself to confront the person that taught them everything?

Scene 2: Confronting Magic

Agent of Threat: Forbidden Magic

Set up: When the hero arrives the town of his/her
Mentor under siege by magical monstrosities.

People injured
Monstrous opposition
Tumbled buildings
People panicked
"Our master is of real magic"

Threat ( 4 dice)
Can the hero defeat the monsters quickly without drawing on darker forces? How many will die to this dark magic? What cost will it take to end such blood shed?

Scene 3: Those that Fear

Agent of Threat: Mistrust

Set up: Seeing the forces of magic misused the townsfolk are now wary of you and you presence. But you must find where you former master has gone.

"No magic can be trusted is the hands of mortals"
Maimed mayor, Hark
Looking for someone to blame
A new tower in the south

Threat (4 dice)
Can the hero find out where his former master now resides? Can he convince the town folk that not all magi are evil? Will they get violent?

Sunday, 21 July 2013

To Destroy that Which Created Me: A Becoming Quest, Part 2 - The Fates

The Fates

Forbidden Magic

Special Ability:  When a hero refuses your offer as a tempter and uses two or more strengths with more positive then negative traits, add a negative trait to one strength used of your choice.

Think about:  You represent magic used for selfish reasons, and that which the user doesn't care about the consequences.  How can a spell be twisted into a darker use?  How can mages feel superior with the use of magic?  Does it corrupt the soul?  It is easy for a mage to cross the line to use magic to harm or personal gain.


Special Ability:  When your are the agent of threat select one ally and put a die on it.  When that ally supports the hero add the die.  If that die shows a one or two the ally is subverted.

Think about:  No one ever truly trusts a mage.  Especially after they have seen an evil one at work.  How can anyone be trusted with such power?  How can a mage trust those that wish magic didn't exist?  Sometimes surrounded by the unnatural so often can a mage trust what is real?  Or who is right?


Special Ability:  When a virtue is subverted by any other fate add a negative trait to one asset with less negative then positive traits.

Think about:  You represent the force that makes it hard for people to like themselves or to look back on the past.  Was the power worth the pain you have felt?  Can you really justify the harm you have done?  Or those that have lost because they trusted you?  Regret is a powerful force that eats a person from the inside.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

To Destroy that Which Created Me: A Becoming Quest, Part 1 - Hero

The Quest

  The hero was a mage apprentice to a wizard that has gone mad.  He is called to put a stop to his former masters evil.

The Hero


Good will be triumphant.
I can trust in magic
There is still hope for my old master
The people are depending on me
I am swayed by my heart, not by your words
I will not fall into corruption


Command the elemental forces
Gaze into another's soul
Learned well
Magic Protects
Words that bind
People's trust


Sy, Raven familiar
Har, The golem
Janice, Master's Daughter
Eric, My brother in magic
Tali, My old rival
Gregar, The mage slayer

Think about

  What drove your master mad?  Can you really stop him?  If not what will happen to the innocent?

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Creature Code KR684: Scrap Imp

The art was done by Jeff Preston.  Released under Creative Commons.

  Scrap Imps are notorious little creatures of the that hunt through the refuse of any tribe.  Hunting for abandoned tech and magic to sell to those of their own tribe.  They work well supporting other imps and can commonly be found as advisers to some powerful, gear focused leaders.  Though any who work with Scrap imps long enough learn to keep them on a short leash.

True Traits

Alignment:  Technology
Aspects:  I can find what you seek, FIREPOWER!

Skills:  4- Craft, 3- Stealth, 2- Notice and 1- Investigation


If I shake it just so:  +2 for effect to get magical gear activated.

Base Code (The Imp Empire)

Alignment:  Technology
Skills:  3- Craft, 2- Tribal Skill, and 1- Notice

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Creature Code Lt236: Lady Tali Severance

'Art used with permission by Vanschlick Productions'

  Lady Tali Severance is the guardian of Alenter Forest.  She is wary of the sudden change in her world and isn't sure what to do.

True Traits

Alignment:  Talent
Aspects:  Forest Guardian, Swords women of the forest winds

Skills:  4- Athletics, 3- Will, 2- Lore and 1- Rapport


Dexterous strike: Spend a fate point to substitute Athletics for fight if attacking with a sword.

Base Code (Lantern)

Alignment:  Talent
Aspect:  Forest Guardian
Skills:  3- Athletics, 2- Tribal Skill, and 1- Lore

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Question to the Fate Community

So I know I have been gone a while, and my wife and I are working on something new involving fate.  (I will let her tell everyone about that later.)  But I must ask, is there anyone one out there that wanted to see Tournament Magi or Two worlds settings here continued at all?

Well thanks for a moment of your time.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Warlock's Sanctum: Fate Core Contest 2

Contest #2

So new fate based contest, theme is as follows

'Monster hidden in modern day.'

The rules
1. The creation must have stats to Fate Core or Fate accelerated.

2. When all is said and done it must be 2000 words or less.

3. All submissions must be sent to

4. Have fun. Very important rule.

5. Deadline August 1, 2013.

Once the entries are in by the deadline, assuming I get more then one, I will set up a one week voting poll. All submissions will be view able, but creators will be kept secret until the voting period is over.

The winner of this friendly contest will get a $10 gift certificate for

Note: if you have worked on any published work or a blog, you may include a link and I will put it under your name on the finished document at the end of the contest. 

Update:  Entries are in.  View them here.  Remember to vote in the comments.  Voting lasts until the 8th of August.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

I am Back

So after a long Hiatus I have returned.  I been busy, between family, friends, work and important decisions.  I plan to speak much more on grand news very soon.