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Starfinder: Alternative History - Humans

Alternative History:  Humans


  Humans, the last experiment of the forgotten war species defeated by the Architects long ago.  Cultivated on a select few scattered worlds with a few common traits;  Diverse bio-domes, low to know magic wellsprings and no other advanced intelligent competition.  Humans were designed to have a strong, but malleable to DNA alterations from external technology and magic.  As well, to have a natural paranoia of the unknown.  They would become the ideal soldiers and assistance in their war to conquer the galaxy.  Fortunately, it never came to that, mankind's creators were destroyed long ago.

  So forgotten for a time, humans flourished on Earth, Terra and Prime.  Though violent and warlike, they did grow.  After a time they flew to the stars themselves.  Meeting one another, among the other species of space.  Most ignored the humans for their vast lack of magical knowledge, and some were even put to slave work by the foundry.  But in less than a decade, and the fall of Earth, humans revolted, raged and fought back.  They carved out a bloody war for 7 years, the universe was not used to such a drastic change in a short period.  They forced the other factions to recognize them as equals and not lesser beings.  This is when Prime-Terra was born, though some humans flocked to other factions, now being placed as equals with full memberships.  That is except for the Architects, they still often ignore what they consider memories of a time best forgotten.


Alternative Racial trait

Mutable DNA:  Gain an extra personal advancement slot.  This replaces the +1 skill point per level.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Starfinder: Redemption Squad (NPC/stats - Cyber knights)

It is common practice among the Cyber Knights to recruit from prisons of worlds that allow them to.  These recruits battle as members of the Redemption Squads to earn their freedom.  If successful, and survive, they are released on two conditions;  One, they must never return to the world of the crimes they were convicted of.  Second, they must take a mandatory vacation on a paradise planet and contemplate joining the Cyber Knights for 1 month.  During this month, the candidate is secretly watched for reformed behaviour.  The dangerous do not return to normal society.

Redemption Squire (CR 1)
  New recruits and well armed.  The Redemption Squire is a newly selected soldier recruited from a prison.  They are beginning their path to Redemption.
XP 400
Human Soldier
Medium Humanoid (Human)

Init +1, Perception +0

HP: 21
EAC 12, KAC 15
Fort +5, Ref +1 , and Will +3

Speed 30ft
Melee  Battle glove +7 (1d6+5 Blunt)
Ranged Pulse rifle +5 (1d6 Electric), Shock Grenade +5 (1d8 Electric; 15ft.)
Offensive Abilities:  Hammerfist (Soldier)

Ability Score Modifiers:  Str +4, Dex +1, Con + 2, Int -1, Wis +0, Cha +0
Skills:   Athletics +10, Intimidate +5, Survival +5
Languages:  Common
Gear: Golemforged Plate I, Shock Grenades I (2), Pulse rifle, Serum of Healing MK I (1d8 hp)

Environment: Any
Organization: Solidary, Crew (3-6) or Squad (12-20)

Redemption Knight (CR 4)
  Seasoned by front line battle and comradery of their fellow Cyber Knights.  Redemption Knights are well-trained warriors of the crusades.  It is not long after they will earn their freedom, although many that survive this long don't leave the Cyber Knights.
XP: 1,200
Human Soldier
Medium Humanoid  (Human)

Init +1, Perception +1

HP: 50
EAC 16, KAC 19
Fort +8, Ref +4, and Will +5

Speed 30ft
Melee  Thermal Battle Fist (With Axiomatic fusion) +11 (1d6+12 Fire/lawful)
Ranged Advanced Pulse rifle +9 (2d4 Electric), Shock Grenade II +9 (1d12 Electric; 15ft.)
Offensive Abilities: Hammerfist (Soldier) and Armoured Advantage (Soldier).

Ability Score Modifiers:  Str +5, Dex +1, Con + 3, Int -1, Wis +1, Cha +0
Feats:  Opening Volley
Skills: Athletics +15, Intimidate +9, Survival +11
Languages:  Common
Gear: Advanced Pulse rifle, Golemforged Plate II, Shock Grenades II (2), Gene Pulse Shard (2).

Environment: Any
Organization: Solidary or Crew (3-6) with just as many Redemption Squires.

Special:  Gene Pulse Shard, when used by Redemption Knight or squire it grants an additional +2 racial bonus to strength.  Lasts for 1d6 X 10 minutes.

The Redeemed (CR 7)
  All Redemption Knights are offered a position as a Crusader Knight at the end of their path.  Some choose to stay among the Redemption squad to lead others to the end of such path.  These righteous souls are known as the Redeemed.  They are the leaders of the Redemption squads.

XP: 4,600
Human Soldier
Medium Humanoid  (Human)

Init +2, Perception +1

HP: 106
EAC 19, KAC 22
Fort +11, Ref +7, and Will +8
Resistance fire 5

Speed 30ft, fly 30ft (Average)
Melee  Redeemed Sonic Battle Fist (With Axiomatic and Thundering fusion) +17 (2d6+14 Sonic/lawful)
Ranged Advanced Pulse rifle +11 (3d4 Electric), Shock Grenade II +11 (3d12 Electric; 15ft.)
Offensive Abilities: Hammerfist (Soldier) and Armoured Advantage (Soldier).

Ability Score Modifiers:  Str +5, Dex +2, Con + 4, Int -1, Wis +1, Cha +0
Feats:  Opening Volley
Skills: Athletics +19, Intimidate +14, Survival +16
Languages: Common
Gear and Augmentations: Superior Pulse rifle, Golemforged Plate III (With upgrades Jetpack and thermal capacitor), Shock Grenades III (1), Gene High Pulse Shard (2).

Environment: Any
Organization: Solidary or Crew (3-6) Redemption Knights.

Special:  Gene High Pulse Shard, when used by Redeemed, or any unit in the Redemption Squad, it grants an additional +4 racial bonus to strength.  Lasts for 1d6 X 10 minutes.

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Starfinder: Cyber Knights (Faction)

The Cyber Knights

Origin:  A splintered force from the original Prime Terra.  The Cyber Knights cared less about racial advancement and more about fight the darkness of the universe.  Less than 50 years since they were formed the Cyber Knights have worked hard in the name of the light against the forces of evil.  They are still considered a minor faction due to their size but are supported by most of the major factions due to their noble cause.

Mission:  There have always been forces of evil manifestations.  Demons and devils, corrupt and willing to follow.  These things must be stopped.   Cyber Knights stand against this in all its forms.  Crusaders across the universe, they fight back this evil where ever it can be found.  

Hidden Truth:  Though there are no secrets this faction holds, not all agree with their recruiting practice.  Beyond those that come to the Cyber Knights willingly, the faction also recruits prisoners of violent crimes to give them a second chance on the front lines of battle.  Those that endure such trials are often given their freedom.  Though they are strongly encouraged to stay as part of the Cyber Knights structure.  

Membership:  Cyber Knights allow any to join their ranks.  Though most come from the poor or as a way to wipe their past clean.  However, there is a fair share of those who have lost what they have to demons and other such beings, that join for a chance to get vengeance.  A chance that a Cyber Knight gets plenty of.

Centers of Power

Brightveil:  A warship build by the Architects for the Cyber Knight's flagship.  It currently is stationed at the world Noctar on a noble crusade.  It is a major base of operations for the faction.

Terra Stone I:  A large moon of Terra, a human homeworld.  It is an assembly station of Cyber Knight equipment.  The day to day operation is handled by the Foundry and its members.

Sub-groups within (Public and secret)

Iron Hand:  Advanced Mystic weapon and armour maker dedicated to the Cyber Knights cause.  They forge the elite weaponry for the highest ranking and renowned warriors of the faction.

Redemption Squad:  Criminals fighting for their freedom against the true evil of the universe.

Other Factions

Architects:  Thank you for your guidance, but advice alone will not combat evil.
Foundry:  If you don't allow your greed to consume you, our ire will be directed elsewhere.
Prime Terra:  We will not forget our roots, but we will cut what roots the tree of light.  

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Starfinder: Noctar - Brightveil (Starship)

The Brightveil is the pride of the Cyber Knights attempting to claim Noctar in there crusade against the darkness.  Stats created using the website  You should check it out when you have a chance.  I will begin spacing my starfinder posts to once every two weeks.  Sorry for the short one.

Colossal dreadnought
Speed 4; Maneuverability clumsy (turn 6)
AC 16; TL 2
HP 600; DT 15; CT 120
Shields Light 70 (forward 18, port 17, starboard 17, aft 18)
Attack (Forward) solar torpedo launcher (2d6×10), gravity cannon (2d6×10), heavy emp cannon (Special)
Attack (Port) gravity cannon (2d6×10), heavy antimatter missile launcher (10d10), x-laser cannon (8d6)
Attack (Starboard) antimatter mega-missile launcher (4d10×10), x-laser cannon (8d6)
Attack (Turret) gyrolaser (1d8)
Power Core(s) Gateway Ultra (500 PCU), Gateway Ultra (500 PCU); Drift Engine None; Systems advanced long-range sensors, crew quarters (common), mk 14 armor, mk 3 defences, mk 1 trinode computer (tier 9); Security anti-hacking systems mk 1 (DC +1), computer countermeasures (alarm); Expansion Bays arcane laboratory, guest quarters (common) (2), cargo hold (2), medical bay, science lab (general), shuttle bay (2)
Modifiers +1 any three checks per round, +4 Computers; Complement 16

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Starfinder: Foundry (Faction)

The Foundry

Origin:  The Foundry was forged long ago by 3 species looking to break from their ties to racial tradition and build a society focused on the ideals of better living through the use of the universes endless resources.  This was not easily done, the Dwarves and others had a rough time cutting such ties for what others saw as selfish and as far as a betrayal.  The biggest turning point was the freeing of the androids, who choose the Foundry as their new employer over many advanced species expecting their servitude.  

Mission:  To gather natural resources from undeveloped worlds to improve those that are starfaring and advanced races.

Hidden Truth:  The reality of the Foundry is that the ones they improve are not the most advanced, but those that are the wealthiest and willing to pay the most to get things done.

Membership:  The Foundry has species of all sort join them.  The call of wealth and independence is strong in many, so they are never short for those looking to work.  Androids are often found as Foundry members, due to finding no judgement about their origin.

Centers of Power

Smelting Golemships:  Lead starships of the Foundry that help the faction stay in communication and strike fear into those that would attempt military tactics against the merchants.

Black Web:  A star system that is hard to jump to.  It is where the foundry develops it's larger starships and tests new technologies. 

Sub-groups within (Public and secret)

The analysis:  A small forward group that scans and researches planets for gathering and extraction of natural resources.  Fill with linguist and diplomats, seen by those with advanced technologies as con artists.  (Public)

Heartless:  A hit squad that the Foundry uses if they find the savages of a planet unresponsive to 'reason' and capitalism.  (Secret)

Other Factions

Architects:  Let the past die, it's time for diversity over blood to decide the future.
Cyber Knights:  They serve a purpose.
Prime Terra:  Weapons of the past.  Too bad they don't have the same sense the androids did.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Starfinder: Prime Terra (Faction)

Prime Terra

Origin:  Prime Terra has formed only a few centuries ago when a few worlds seeded with humans managed to take to the stars and find others.  Though there were several other races out there that knew of humans, legends kept them from interfering before they managed to become able to space travel.  Seeing earth as not the only world of humans, they began to band together, and unite as Prime Terra.  One thing all the humans had in common was a lack of magical lore on their respective worlds.  Now humans have expanded to the stars with settler ships and terraforming technology.  Prime Terra also rushes to bring their technology and magic to speed with the other universes factions.

Mission:  To expand and advance the human race.  They are not xenophobic but put humans advancement as the focus of their advancement. Though they attempt to do this through legal means, they often think the older factions too hesitant to act.

Hidden Truth:  Mistakes have been made.  There is a number of times that Prime Terra has made errors in their quest, and they have taken a great deal of effort to ensure such situations don't get discovered by outsiders.  Noctar is the first public incident of a public mistake by Prime Terra.

Membership:  Nearly all members of Prime Terra are humans. Though the Prime Terra does practice a standing of open membership.

Centers of Power

Earth:  The second human group to reach the stars.  Though Prime was first, that world was lost to the swarm infection.

Terra:  The third human growth world.  Now the hub of most Prime Terra fleet construction and Advanced settler training.

Sub-groups within (Public and secret)

Lords of Bone:  This small group focus exclusively on the magical study.  Their goal is not only to reach the same power of races practising magic much longer but to exceed them.  They are willing to take greater risks then Prime Terra will admit to.  (Secret)

Settler Core:  A group focused on colonizing the human race across the galaxy.  They train and fund colony missions as well as study terraforming technology.  (Public)

Other Factions

Architects:  The so-called voice of reason among the stars.  In honesty, they are just a subtle upper class keeping others down.
Cyberknights:  A faction younger than our own.  We can admire their zeal.  But maybe are too trusting with whom they call brother.
Foundry:  I don't like their treatment of undeveloped races, but they are too big to make an enemy at this time.  Maybe once we expand and catch up, we can afford a much nobler stance against them.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Starfinder: Noctar - Concept (Planet)


Planet Statistics
Gravity:  0.9 of standard rating
Atmosphere:  Clean rich atmosphere

History:  The dark world as most of the common universe has come to know it.  A world of floating isles, deeply infused magic, and one of the most dangerous worlds charted.  The reason for all of this is a strong connection to a demonic realm, of an undisclosed name.  In fact, it is common for rifts and portals between their realm and ours to open on Noctar.  For this reason, in millennium before, the Architects had forbidden entering this world.  However, in their explosive expansion, Prime-Terra, sent several settler groups to Noctar.  This will always be remembered in history as a mistake. 

  The first several years, the settlers, established urban colonies and fought off the demon threat, with a moderate effort.  Over time though, corruption spread and demonic influences found roots through subtle methods into the settlers of Noctar.  When a generation had passed and the half-breeds emerged, chaos erupted.  Some began to side and even worship the demons.  Many lives were lost quickly, and for the first time in millennia, demons were given a chance and the technology to build starships.  This is when Prime Terra admitted they had made a grave mistake, and informed the Architects.  Prime Terra then spent great effort to contain the Darkness coming from Noctar and support those that still fought against them on the planet.  

Current State:  Prime Terra has done what it can to quarantine Noctar for 5 years.  The Architects spent this time building the Brightveil for a small faction called the Cyberknights.  The cyber knights are a group sworn to fight the darkest evils in the universe and defend those it preys upon.  The Brightveil is the first warship the Architects had built in 3000 years.  It uses the best technology at the Architect's disposal.  It has recently arrived on Noctar with the Cyberknight faction.  It's drift engines were immediately ejected.  There is no turning back for the cyber knights, they will succeed on Noctar, or fall trying.

Locations of Note

Brightveil:  Both a colony and warship, it is the current HQ of the cyber knights and one of the most powerful warships the universe has seen.  Led by Luke Angelguard, it will be a beacon of light in the fight against Noctar's demonic forces.

Harmony Prime:  One of the first settlements established by Prime Terra, the settlement spans 3 floating isles, held together by a gravity tether.  This settlement has been left relatively untouched by the darkness and is a bastion to fight against the evil below.

Crossroads Dukes:  The first settlement to make a pact with the demons.  It is a neutral zone for corrupted and innocent alike.  On the edge of the demonic strongholds, they get few willing to enter or trade.  After all, what price did they pay for this safety?

Hooks that may lead PCs here

  • The PCs are hired to help a half breed escape Noctar.
  • The PCs are convicts fighting for the cyber knights to earn their freedom.
  • PCs are sent to tap into the magical energies of a node on the surface of the planet.


Friday, 13 October 2017

Starfinder: Dessa - Wenslu


A once peaceful, nature minded, tribal people of Dessa.  Transformed by hyper evolution on a now toxic, polluted world.  Are now a degenerate, addiction drawing, vulgar people.  They thrive in poison and welcome the chaos around them.  Wild, venomous and loud-mouthed, they just now spread to the stars, seeking greater thrills and crushing ideals of decency and self-control.  The Wenslu are a species reborn.


HP:  2
Ability Adjustments:  +2 Con, +2 Wis, and -2 Cha.

Racial abilities

Twisted view:  When making skill checks that rely on charisma, if target has 9 or less charisma, you gain a +2 on those rolls.  As well, those targets gain +2 charisma bonus against you.

Toxic evolution:  Gain +2 to saves against poison, disease, and pollution based environmental hazards.  If you fail a save against poison, recover your level in stamina points.

Swamp life:  The swamp is a large part of the Wenslu, gain +2 to stealth and survival.

Physical description

  The Wenslu look like there human ancestry with a few exceptions.  First, the skin is constantly appearing oily, giving them a slick and unclean look.  Second, their hair is often colour blue or green shades, and often straight.  Finally, they are a great deal paler then humans.

Home World

  The Wenslu homeworld is Dessa, However, many genetic testing points to human ancestors in the species past.  Dessa was once a swamp covered world, full of water and natural poisons.  Recently an interstellar organization called the foundry arrived and began mass industrialization of the planet, creating an excess amount of pollution.   Luckily for the Wenslu, their species underwent a period of rapid evolution.  However, this change was not only physical.  The Wenslu have gone from nature-loving pacifists to toxic wild ones, seeking greater thrills and deceptively confusing ideas.  Many questions what will happen to Dessa, but the Wenslu seem the least concerned.


  Those outside the Wenslu have a difficult time interacting with them.  This leads to a great deal of stress to those more diplomatic and charismatic species, as the Wenslu seem to react harshly to those of strong and kind personalities.  Due to the Foundry's use of Android, the Wenslu have seemed to have taken a liking to them for being the lead cause of the species change.

What are people's thoughts?

New Project: Navoo - Concept


The end has come to your people.  Whether by war, plague or poverty, your people are gone.  You alone stand at the end.  Does that fill you with rage?  Perhaps sorrow?  maybe even defiance against the reality before you?  Either way, you are being given a chance to fix this.  A chance to undo the end of your people.  One last ray of hope, or maybe vengeance.  Become an avatar and rebuild from the ashes of your people on the realm Navoo.  You've been given an offer, and you have taken it.  You will fight as your people's avatar to restore them from the shadows, and earn them a new beginning in a new world to come.  You are your people Avatar.  Burn brightly or be snuffed out.


  Navoo is a patchwork of fragments seized from lost worlds and people.  The great beings of creation that govern Navoo and new worlds, pit Avatars and their chosen against one another, in battles and challenges, to earn enough favour to be worthy of being restored to a newborn world.  A second chance to become great again.

The Game

  You will select an Avatar, it's blessings and the faction it hails from.  Battling against other players to generate enough hope to bring the faction one step closer to rebirth, through the spark of hope.  Each faction and avatar match up and are supplied with blessing by the Avatar, to challenge the arenas.

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New Project: Starfinder - Dessa

  After vanishing for almost a year, I have returned.  I am back with a new revitalization to create and build.  I have played many new games and have a batch of new ideas.  I plan to start off with an introduction to the planet Dessa, a world I will be building up to add to setting.  This will be done to the Starfinder ruleset, maybe others as I get time.  So without further ado.


Planet Statistics
Gravity:  Normal
Atmosphere:  Heavily polluted, but survivable.

History:  Dessa was discovered about 60 years ago by the Foundry.  It was a hot and humid world, rich in water and little depths.  Nearly covered in swamp and a very underdeveloped race, The Wenslu, the Foundry noticed an opportunity and went quickly to work establishing heavy industrialized areas.  The main plan was two-fold, extract water for terraforming other planets and escape any environmental concerns of the untied systems to increase material output in factories.  

Current state: Despite the rapid rise in toxicity, the Wenslu have adapted and evolved quietly and bizarrely.  This has led to an investigation into the planet seeking a new source of evo crystal by the Architects and Prime Terra.  The pollution has also...The Foundry has profited heavily from this endeavour and has funded the creation of a starship factory station in nearby orbit.  This factory is focused on developing the Swamp Livy and the SC Torma.

Locations of note

Central Node city:  The centred amidst the mega-factories, this domed city houses the majority of offworlders that live and visit Dessa.  The majority of the inhabitance are androids and the city is under the firm control of the Foundry.

Swamp Haven:  Considered the capital of the newly evolved Wenslu.  The city is would most others would consider a disaster of chaos and filth.  Overpopulated and under the whims of what the offworlders have nicknamed the Wretched Queen, the Wenslu still seem to be thriving despite it.

Ruins of the field:  A large energy based anomaly that prevents scans within.  Recently become an interest to outside organizations due to the Wenslu's evolutionary leap.  Unknown forces seem to prevent proper investigations of the location.

Hooks that may lead PCs here

  • Sent to pick up supplies going out to terraforming projects.  However, a local group raids the facility while the PCs are there.
  • Looking to study the Wenslu transformation or maybe their odd new culture.
  • The PCs are hired to see what happened to a Terra Prime research group sent to the Ruins of the Field.