Friday, 13 October 2017

Starfinder: Dessa - Wenslu


A once peaceful, nature minded, tribal people of Dessa.  Transformed by hyper evolution on a now toxic, polluted world.  Are now a degenerate, addiction drawing, vulgar people.  They thrive in poison and welcome the chaos around them.  Wild, venomous and loud-mouthed, they just now spread to the stars, seeking greater thrills and crushing ideals of decency and self-control.  The Wenslu are a species reborn.


HP:  2
Ability Adjustments:  +2 Con, +2 Wis, and -2 Cha.

Racial abilities

Twisted view:  When making skill checks that rely on charisma, if target has 9 or less charisma, you gain a +2 on those rolls.  As well, those targets gain +2 charisma bonus against you.

Toxic evolution:  Gain +2 to saves against poison, disease, and pollution based environmental hazards.  If you fail a save against poison, recover your level in stamina points.

Swamp life:  The swamp is a large part of the Wenslu, gain +2 to stealth and survival.

Physical description

  The Wenslu look like there human ancestry with a few exceptions.  First, the skin is constantly appearing oily, giving them a slick and unclean look.  Second, their hair is often colour blue or green shades, and often straight.  Finally, they are a great deal paler then humans.

Home World

  The Wenslu homeworld is Dessa, However, many genetic testing points to human ancestors in the species past.  Dessa was once a swamp covered world, full of water and natural poisons.  Recently an interstellar organization called the foundry arrived and began mass industrialization of the planet, creating an excess amount of pollution.   Luckily for the Wenslu, their species underwent a period of rapid evolution.  However, this change was not only physical.  The Wenslu have gone from nature-loving pacifists to toxic wild ones, seeking greater thrills and deceptively confusing ideas.  Many questions what will happen to Dessa, but the Wenslu seem the least concerned.


  Those outside the Wenslu have a difficult time interacting with them.  This leads to a great deal of stress to those more diplomatic and charismatic species, as the Wenslu seem to react harshly to those of strong and kind personalities.  Due to the Foundry's use of Android, the Wenslu have seemed to have taken a liking to them for being the lead cause of the species change.

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