Sunday, 27 October 2013

Warlock's Journal Contest Winner

Sorry for the delay but a 5 way tie does make things tricky.  After getting a 3rd neutral party involved a winner has been named Daniel Gent of the Rhan Drums is the Winner.  To see all the entries look here.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Warlock's Journal Contest: Items of Power - Voting

So the entries are in. Click on the link below to see all the entries for the Warlock's Journal. Don't forget to comment below what entry you vote to win the $10 gift certificate.

At request all names and emails have been removed.  They will be released after voting.  Voting will continue until October 21, 2013.  Please share this post with as many as you can. 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Tuesday Fate War V

So here is another info post for Fate War.


Event cards are powerful moments or situations that turn the tides of battle. Each player selects a default 2 event cards before each battle. Each event card contains the following information;

Name: Self explanatory
Type: The category of the event.
Cost: What the player using the event must spend or do to activate the event.
Effect: What effect the event has on the battle field.


Name: Gate
Type: Ritual
Cost: 2 Mages drained and 2 fate points.
Effect: Select 2 zones, each must be within range 1 of one of the mages drained. For rest of the battle, those zones are considered to be the same for attacking and movement.

Name: Re-position
Type: Strategy
Cost: 2 fate points
Effect: Select one unit, you may move all other units in that zone, that have less tactics then your unit one zone if able.

Name: Hidden Troops
Type: Reinforcement
Cost: 2-8 fate points
Effect: Select one common unit type for your faction. Create one light of that type for each 2 fate points spent. Deploy them all in the same zone as one of your units.

Prey's Moon
Type: Natural
Cost: 2 fate points
Effect: Change all units primary defense to Instinct.