Saturday, 29 March 2014

The Votes are in and the winner is... Brendan Potter.  His entry Urah, received 47% of the votes.  Certificate will be sent to him soon.  Meanwhile an updated copy of the entries with names are creators emails can be found here.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Entries for March's Warlock's Journal Contest

Entries for the Contests are compiled here.

Feel free to vote using the following link:

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Crypt Crawl 2: Pregens

Pregenerated Character Options

- 1 -

HC: Joyful Mage
T: Too many secrets
A: Fire Magic

5- Magic
3- Will and Provoke
1- Athletics, Lore and Rappor

Flame burst: spend a fate point when making a magic atk. All in zone of target are hit with attack.

Crypt knowledge: +2 to lore when attempting an overcome action in tombs.

Physical OO
Mental OOO

- 2 -

HC: Wild Ex-slave
T: Great Self Doubt
A: Primordeal Strength

5- Physique
3- Athletics and Fighting
1- Notice, Stealth and Will

Powerful Kicks: May spend a Fate point to use Physique in place of fighting to attack.

Wild Endurance: May spend a Fate point to use Physique in place of fighting to Defend.

Animal Instincts: +2 to overcome with notice when it involves immediate danger.

Physical OOOO
Mental OOO
+1 minor physical conquence

- 3 -

HC: Nimble Shiv
T: Disgraced Prince
A: Noble Teachings

5- Lore
3- Burglary and Fighting
1- Athletics, Deciet and Empathy

To regain my Crown: +2 to Fighting defense when face a single opponent.

To my side: Spend a fate point, move a willing ally to the same zone as you. You may only use this one per turn.

Royal Blood: Gain +2 Armour against unnatual attacks.

Physical OO
Mental OO

- 4 -

HC: Knight of the Realm
T: Code of Honour
A: "I will not fall before my enemies."

5- Fighting
3- Contacts and Physique
1- Lore, Ride and Shooting

My shield: +2 armour against physical attacks

My Blade: Weapon 2.

My Valor: Spend a fate point, you may take a physical attack meant for another in the same zone as you.

Physical OOOO
Mental OO

Crypt Crawl 1: Introduction.

So I am planning a short dungeon crawl to help my player learn fate.  As an exercise I thought I would post my notes here.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Warlock's Journal Contest 6: There be Monsters.

The Warlock’s Journal is an multidimensional book that teleports from place to place, recording knowledge in whatever location it finds itself. The places it goes may be widely separated in time and space and even be in different dimensions or alternate realities.
The handful of people who have actually seen the book more than once suggest that it sends its information back to some central location, as they have seen the book nearly filled with information, only to find it almost empty again, or filled with completely different information, at some later point.
Of course, since there is no real proof that the book itself travels through time in a linear manner, such analysis is speculation at best. What powerful entity could have created such a marvel? Where is the ultimate repository (if any) of the wealth of knowledge collected by the Journal in its roving, and is its creator still waiting there, learning about the multiverse? It is, perhaps, better not to know.
(For a Better description of what the Warlock's Journal contest is Tabletop adventures have said it well here.)
This is the sixth Warlock's Journal contest.  See the others 1  2  3  4  5

Now landing at a world set in an odd realm.  One where the concept of monster creation takes center place.  Whether grown, forged, summoned or a combination there of, monster creation is the focus of this realm.  Each creature has a story, let's find out what they are.

Let's build some homemade monsters, that is the contest of this Warlock's Journal, but we will need some rules;


1.  Limit entry to 500 words or less.  You may enter more then once but email each separately.  The world limit does not include rpg mechanics, which are optional to add if you so desire.

2.  Email entries to  Please include your name and entry, as well as any other contact info you would like to share.

3.  All entries should try and include a description of the creature, it's origin or how it was created, and the creatures common behaviour and abilities

4.  Entries must be in by March 21st, after which a pdf of entries will be made public for voting. This voting will happen from March 23rd to 29th. Entrants' names will be anonymous until voting is finished.

5.  After March 29th all entries will be added to a free pdf release with credit to the author(Entries remain the property of their authors, but participation grants permission to use entries in the free contest PDF and any annual or other compilation that may be made later.).  

Sample Format

Name:  (Name of the created creature)
Description: (Creature's appearance)
Origin:  (Where/How was the creature created)
Personality:  (How the creature acts and behaves in general.)


First place will receive $15 gift certificate to Drivethrurpg.  If there are at least 10 entries as second prize spot of $10 will open up to win.

Good luck and let's have fun :)