Monday 30 May 2016

Chained lands Project: Deities

Deities of the world, from the minds of the players. Needs to be cleaned up but a good holding spot.

Esther "The One Who Became"
True Neutral
Domains: tranquility, acceptance, violence
Starting as a human freedom fighter in one of the bloodiest skirmishes to hit the continent Esther was an everyday human. She started as a wet nurse before becoming a warrior and eventually came to lead the rebellion.

After being brought almost literally to hell and after countless  impossible decisions the God's saw fit to deity her for her astounding capability in the face of intense pressure and insane odds.

Domains: artifice, undead and earth.
Turrok loves all creations of earthly origins. Undead are not intrinsically evil, they just typically are created by evil beings. Turrok claims to fame: creating magic, the major land masses and two of the three moons.
Broot chaotic evil deity of all things evil and tiny. Domains are chaos, evil, and plant life.He is constantly plotting in whatever way will best allow him to gain power in this world. He is totally unpredictable in all ways except that he is predictably evil. He appears like a mobile Venus fly trap.
chaotic good deity of war. 
Retribution, , war, and strength are his domains. 
His followers are constantly testing their battle prowess, to glory in the thrill of battle and self improvement through combat. Peronell rejects the need of slaves as warriors are never slaves.

neutral evil 
Whereas the good deities care more for their fellow life forms, and creations, his focus is on the individual. Dream, repose, glory are his domains. Glorifying the individual over the benefits of society is what makes this deity true evil.

Chaotic neutral deity of shifting personas. 
A trickster deity with domains in retribution, charm, and trickery domains. 
Often meddling in the affairs of others (both mortal a deity) simply for the joy of inflicting entertainment (for her) on others


Janshae is the Goddess of magic. 
The method of conducting magic is the thought area which Is worshiped.
Alignment: lawful neutral (as all Magick has rules, even if we don't understand them). 
Domains: magic,Knowledge and learning

Binding chains (LG deity)
Domains: community, protection, and nobility.
Also known as the benevolent master and faithful servant, this deity focuses on the responsibility of protection and security for all, and the sacredly of life. Seeing death and a final resort and murder as the greatest sin. As well, Binding chains is the God of slavery, but has strict edicts of the treatment of those owned. From Sacred Slaves, to those punished for committing the greatest sin. Many in slavery pray to this deity, that their masters be held to Binding Chains accords.

Ly'lily, the godess of dark evolution. LEPortfolio: healing, fertility, mutations. Domains: Healing, Evil, and 'undecided'

This dark godess is often attributed to the creation of monsters in the world. As well the source of magical healing in th world. She encourages magical experimenting on the living and destests the undead.

Thursday 5 May 2016

RoaE: Limits

So posting some max ranks for some things in the play test game.

Forts 5
Moral 5
Province Development 5
Number of tags a mercenary can have (Leaders Fury, min 2)