Sunday 17 April 2016

RoaE: Act 3 - The lost of Dread peaks


Dread Peaks: The mountains explode from within. Monstrous serpent creatures shatter the mountains and landscapes. The province begins to fall into a consuming darkness. Once all is lost, the serpents vanish into the darkness.

Unearthing the Skull of Desolation: A Legendary artifact has been unearthed by Soren. With the such power of ruination, what can be done?

Game Details

The loss of the Dread Peaks: Dread peaks can no longer be targeted and it's Dwarves displaced. Those poor surface blind creatures. See World Quests.

World Quests: Check website and don't miss out.


Rare - Gold
Plentiful - Food


The Angelic assault on Huldufolk: But Huldufolk intend to keep their secrets.

RoaE: Hirelings Available, Act 3

Anna, Tainted Angel
  Entering this realm too soon, her divine form soaked up the tainted forces of their will.  
Wants:  Mana
Loyalties: Lilith 4
Abilities:  (Fury 3) may assist on Patrols or may bind a province so it's leader may not use spells for the act.

Grim, the Clockwork Hulk
  Grim is an ancient creation, that claims to have seen the end of time.  A place none should ever witness it claims. 
Wants:  Ore
Loyalties: Angelic Host 3
Abilities: (Fury 4) may attack on Confronting and Siege.

James Orb, the Mystic thief
  James has been in this dark realm for a long time.  He has survived on his ability to hide and knowledge of Black magic.
Wants:  Gold, Spells 2+
Loyalties:  Bob 3
Abilities: Attempt to steal resources or items.  Also may teach Spells if you have less then 3.

Lady Raven, Human Witch
  Banished from her home land, she now hunts for a home to practice her necromantic arts.
Wants:  Mana, Revenge (Lon)
Loyalties: None
Ability:  May turn 2 Mana into a unit with (Swarm) Tag.  May do this twice a round, but not for the same person, spread the evil.

Urk, The Dwarven Smith
  A master smith that makes use of lost relic fragments.
Wants:  Dwarven people safe
Loyalties:  None
Ability: Transform 2 mana, and either 2 lumber or 2 ore into a relic fragment.

RoaE: Act 3 - World Quests

World quest are quests anyone can complete, though often first come first serve.  Good luck.

A Blow to the Blow hard:  The Bone Ship Yard is in a mess.  It's fort and people demolished.  Seeing he may be on the edge of defeat.  Bone eye Cid has an offer, A game of cards.  And calling on the spirits of the dead to enforce it.  Complete one of two challenges to gain the reward.

Challenge One:  The card game, spend two gold and attempt to out do Cid at his own game.  (Cunning Attempt. No more then 2 players may complete this challenge.)

Challenge Two:  Undo the ancient magic that gives Cid command over the dead.  Spend 2 mana.  (Academic attempt. No more then 2 players may complete this challenge.)

Reward:  Get first chance to claim Bone Ship Yard or their ghost ship.

Dwaves without a mountain:  Without a home the survivors of Dread Peak may not survive.  Will any help the dwarves or put them out of their misery.  Select one of the two costs to attempt.

Cost one (Save them):  Invite them to your province, and lose two moral.

Reward:  Access to the dwarves racial powers, and second moral rating.

Cost two (End them):  Send an army of strength 4.

Reward:  Gain 10 ore and a minor relic.

RoaE: Act 3 - Province's status

Provinve Summary: Alx

Majority of Terrain: Coast
Leader Shrouded
Region Shrouded
Race:  Feral (Gone)
Moral:  0

Military Shrouded

Province Summary: Black Coral Point

Majority of Terrain: Coast
Leader: Legion, the Seer
Item: Nightmare Crystal

Fort Strength 3
Developed regions 3 (Income of 6)
Buildings: Market, Tournament field


Food 6
Gold 6
Lumber 11
Mana 2
Ore 2

The People
Race: Golem
Current moral 4

Unassigned Military units
MA (Advanced Specimen)

Unit Alpha (Patrolling) Strength 4
Wave 1
Freedom Fighter
Freedom fighter

Province Summary:  Bone ship Yard

Terrain :Ruins
Leader:  Bone eye Cid
Fort Strength: 0

Gold 6
Mana 1
Food 3
Ore 1
lumber 1

The people
Moral 0

Military:  Undead Pirate Ship

Province Summary: Darkness

Majority of Terrain: Coast
Leader: Bob the Ninja
Minions: Grit, Alice and Samuel
Item: White Sand Vault Key

Province Shrouded

The People
Race: Lizardfolk
Current moral 1

Shroud Military

Province Summary: Huldufolk
Majority of Terrain: Valley

Shrouded Leader

Fort Strength 3
Developed regions 1 (Income of 2)
Buildings: Workshop

Food 7
Gold 5
Lumber 7
Mana 1
Ore 3

Shrouded people

Shrouded Military

Province Summary: Helheim

Majority of Terrain: Mountain
Leader: Soren the Exalted
Minion: Wild Element (Fury 3, Monsterous)
Item: Skull of Desolation

Fort Strength 4
Developed regions 2 (Income of 4)
Buildings: Mana Node

Food 8
Gold 1
Lumber 9
Mana 6
Ore 9

The People
Race: Feral
Current moral 3

Unassigned Military units

Hunting Pack
Wave 1 Wave 2
(Beast) (Beast)

Province Summary: Lantor

Majority of Terrain: Ruins
Leader: Sheera the Exalted of the Old ones.
Spells: 2

Fort Strength 6
Developed regions 2 (Income of 4)
Buildings: Farm Lands


Food 4
Gold 8
Lumber 5
Mana 13
Ore 2

The People
Race: Imps
Current moral 1

Military Shrouded

Province Summary: Lon

Majority of Terrain: Forest
Leader: Drita Aleska the Noble
Personal Hireling: Brian Crain (Human Knight. Fury 4. Loyalty 8)

Fort Strength 5
Developed regions 1 (Income of 2)

Food 2
Gold 12
Lumber 2
Mana 6
Ore 4

The People
Race: Human
Current moral 3

Unassigned Military units

Royal army Patrol current strength 7 plus 4 fury. (+3 against raids or siege)
Wave 1      Wave 2     Wave 3
(Infantry)   (Archer)   (Knight)
(Knight)    (Infantry)
(Archer)    (Knight)

Province Summary: Mammoth's End

Majority of Terrain: Valley

Leader: Bug the Brood Master.
Items: 2 Relic Fragments
Minions: Gyrocopter Scout

Fort Strength 2
Developed regions 1 (Income of 2)
Building(s): Market

Food 4
Gold 1
Lumber 5
Mana 2
Ore 4

Shroud The People
Shroud military

Provinve Summary: Sarv

Majority of Terrain: Forest
Leader Shrouded
Region Shrouded
People Shrouded 
Military Shrouded

Thursday 7 April 2016

RoaE: Resources, what are they good for?

Here is a quick summary of what resources can be used for.

General (costs that don't use specific resources.)
*increasing Development of a region.
*certain buildings and upkeeps use varying resources.

*creating an army unit.
*holding festivals to improve moral.
*personal training for tactics.

*Hiring Mercenaries.
*Training for tactics.

*Increasing rank of Keep.
*Training for Architecture.
*Used for constructing buildings.

*Casting spells.
*Training for Spells.

*Training for Architecture.
*Used in constructing buildings.

Tuesday 5 April 2016

At the End of the Worlds: Race, The Wretched Part 2 (Mechanics - Fate )


Aspects: Sickening Appearance, Twisted Heart, Love of Dance, and Oil Covered.

Racial skill: Defile
Defile is the racial skill of the wretched. It is the urge to twist and wreck what is decent and virtuous. This is the lingering power of their dark history and curse. It raises doubt in what's good and encourages sin.

Create Advantage
Defile can create advantages of illness or weakening. Sickened or nauseas are common advantages used against living. Rotting or tarnished are common against none living targets.

Defile allows a character to overcome illness, both physical and mentally. If sickened or poisoned or similar advantage played against them. They may use this skill to overcome.

This skill can be used as a mental attack. Causing hopelessness, repulsion, or torturous guilt.

This is not a defensive skill.


Plague touch: Spend a fate point and use defile in place of fighting for one roll. If target takes harm, they must take a sickened consequence.

Culling the weak: Gain +2 to when attempting to attack physically against someone with a sickened or similar condition.

Poison immunity: You are immune to all natural poisons and disease.

Twisted arousal: Spend a fate point to use Rapport for a mental attack while flirting with another.