Sunday, 17 April 2016

RoaE: Act 3 - World Quests

World quest are quests anyone can complete, though often first come first serve.  Good luck.

A Blow to the Blow hard:  The Bone Ship Yard is in a mess.  It's fort and people demolished.  Seeing he may be on the edge of defeat.  Bone eye Cid has an offer, A game of cards.  And calling on the spirits of the dead to enforce it.  Complete one of two challenges to gain the reward.

Challenge One:  The card game, spend two gold and attempt to out do Cid at his own game.  (Cunning Attempt. No more then 2 players may complete this challenge.)

Challenge Two:  Undo the ancient magic that gives Cid command over the dead.  Spend 2 mana.  (Academic attempt. No more then 2 players may complete this challenge.)

Reward:  Get first chance to claim Bone Ship Yard or their ghost ship.

Dwaves without a mountain:  Without a home the survivors of Dread Peak may not survive.  Will any help the dwarves or put them out of their misery.  Select one of the two costs to attempt.

Cost one (Save them):  Invite them to your province, and lose two moral.

Reward:  Access to the dwarves racial powers, and second moral rating.

Cost two (End them):  Send an army of strength 4.

Reward:  Gain 10 ore and a minor relic.

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