Sunday, 17 April 2016

RoaE: Act 3 - The lost of Dread peaks


Dread Peaks: The mountains explode from within. Monstrous serpent creatures shatter the mountains and landscapes. The province begins to fall into a consuming darkness. Once all is lost, the serpents vanish into the darkness.

Unearthing the Skull of Desolation: A Legendary artifact has been unearthed by Soren. With the such power of ruination, what can be done?

Game Details

The loss of the Dread Peaks: Dread peaks can no longer be targeted and it's Dwarves displaced. Those poor surface blind creatures. See World Quests.

World Quests: Check website and don't miss out.


Rare - Gold
Plentiful - Food


The Angelic assault on Huldufolk: But Huldufolk intend to keep their secrets.

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