Tuesday, 5 April 2016

At the End of the Worlds: Race, The Wretched Part 2 (Mechanics - Fate )


Aspects: Sickening Appearance, Twisted Heart, Love of Dance, and Oil Covered.

Racial skill: Defile
Defile is the racial skill of the wretched. It is the urge to twist and wreck what is decent and virtuous. This is the lingering power of their dark history and curse. It raises doubt in what's good and encourages sin.

Create Advantage
Defile can create advantages of illness or weakening. Sickened or nauseas are common advantages used against living. Rotting or tarnished are common against none living targets.

Defile allows a character to overcome illness, both physical and mentally. If sickened or poisoned or similar advantage played against them. They may use this skill to overcome.

This skill can be used as a mental attack. Causing hopelessness, repulsion, or torturous guilt.

This is not a defensive skill.


Plague touch: Spend a fate point and use defile in place of fighting for one roll. If target takes harm, they must take a sickened consequence.

Culling the weak: Gain +2 to when attempting to attack physically against someone with a sickened or similar condition.

Poison immunity: You are immune to all natural poisons and disease.

Twisted arousal: Spend a fate point to use Rapport for a mental attack while flirting with another.

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