Tuesday, 29 March 2016

At the End of the Worlds: Race, The Wretched Part 1

So I have decided to do a number of posts I am going to call End of Worlds.  One post will be fluff or history of the topic.  The another post or two will mechanics to use the idea across multiple rpg systems (Thinking Fate, D6, Savage Worlds and Pathfinder to start).  Let's see how it goes shall we.

The Wretched

Origin: The Wretched began as a dark breeding experiment, between demonic forces and humans. Over time a new race was created, as tainted as their demonic heritage and as adaptable as humans. This was to be a chosen race of its overlords, until they betrayed them. Crippling the forces that created them, but being cursed by their once owners with plague and poison. Although the curse did disfigure and twist their minds, they adapted, as they were created to do, they became carriers of disease and accustom to poison in their veins.

Description: The wretched are humanoid with a pale grey to peach skin. Their eyes are a dark grey or bright green. Aside from this, their skin and hair always seems to shine with a clear oil. Their otherwise human appearance seems to unnerve those of other races.

Homeland:  Dessa Swamps.

Society:  The most distinct drive of the Wretched society is twisted sense of beauty and fascination, nearly worship, of the unclean.  They see beauty in the loss of what many find beautiful.  Appearance, art, strength, stripped away and destroyed in thin strands is the greatest of goals for these people.  With one exception, Dance.  Dancing is an art that the majority of the society respects and honours as beauty itself.  Of course the dancers are rare common examples of what the rest of the world claims as beauty.  The wretched are ruled by a Queen, who upon taking the crown loses her name is referred to only as the Wretched Queen.

Food:  The most common foods of the Wretched are charred and smoked snake, extracted venoms and weed cakes made from the swamp.

Values:  The Wretched prize Cleverness over Kindness and Fear over Honesty.

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