Tuesday, 22 March 2016

RoaE: What are Quests?

  So some of you will find some red cards in your act 2 package.  These are quest cards.  By completing the goal listed you will gain the effect, that parts pretty simple.  You will also be awarded VP, which is sort of a bragging rights.  I will likely have a small reward for the player to the player that earns the most.

  Now the more complicated part, how do you get more quests.  Well there will be a couple public quests, however most will be hidden until uncovered.  As well, some players may be on the same quest.  This will be handled as open quests (Everyone can complete) or closed (First to complete reaps the reward).  Who comes first you ask?  First to get their letter to me.  All alternative submissions of act actions and such, lose priority to letters.  Lets have some fun, shall we?

Note:  Some Quests are hidden until 'unlocked'.

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