Tuesday, 22 March 2016

At the end of worlds: Race - Steel Elves part 2 (Mechanics - Fate)


Aspects: My blade is an extension of myself, Blacksmith of Elven Steel, Nature is the enemy, and

Racial skill: Metal Bond
Metal Bond is the racial skill of the Steel Elves. It represents to the connection that these elves have made with the elemental forces of metal, such as steel. When working to craft, identify or find steel this skill may be used.  Also select one stunt below.  You may select more by spending stunts.


Reap Mana from Steel:  When attacking with a weapon made from steel, you may change a die into a Mana die for every rank in this skill.  See here for more information.

Against the Enemy, that is nature:  When wearing armour in an outdoor, above ground environment.  Defence rolls against physical attacks increase by 2.

Masterful Metalworks:  When making a craft roll while working with Metal, you may make up to half the skill in dice bound.  See here for more information.

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