Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Tuesday Fate War V

So here is another info post for Fate War.


Event cards are powerful moments or situations that turn the tides of battle. Each player selects a default 2 event cards before each battle. Each event card contains the following information;

Name: Self explanatory
Type: The category of the event.
Cost: What the player using the event must spend or do to activate the event.
Effect: What effect the event has on the battle field.


Name: Gate
Type: Ritual
Cost: 2 Mages drained and 2 fate points.
Effect: Select 2 zones, each must be within range 1 of one of the mages drained. For rest of the battle, those zones are considered to be the same for attacking and movement.

Name: Re-position
Type: Strategy
Cost: 2 fate points
Effect: Select one unit, you may move all other units in that zone, that have less tactics then your unit one zone if able.

Name: Hidden Troops
Type: Reinforcement
Cost: 2-8 fate points
Effect: Select one common unit type for your faction. Create one light of that type for each 2 fate points spent. Deploy them all in the same zone as one of your units.

Prey's Moon
Type: Natural
Cost: 2 fate points
Effect: Change all units primary defense to Instinct.

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