Friday, 13 October 2017

New Project: Navoo - Concept


The end has come to your people.  Whether by war, plague or poverty, your people are gone.  You alone stand at the end.  Does that fill you with rage?  Perhaps sorrow?  maybe even defiance against the reality before you?  Either way, you are being given a chance to fix this.  A chance to undo the end of your people.  One last ray of hope, or maybe vengeance.  Become an avatar and rebuild from the ashes of your people on the realm Navoo.  You've been given an offer, and you have taken it.  You will fight as your people's avatar to restore them from the shadows, and earn them a new beginning in a new world to come.  You are your people Avatar.  Burn brightly or be snuffed out.


  Navoo is a patchwork of fragments seized from lost worlds and people.  The great beings of creation that govern Navoo and new worlds, pit Avatars and their chosen against one another, in battles and challenges, to earn enough favour to be worthy of being restored to a newborn world.  A second chance to become great again.

The Game

  You will select an Avatar, it's blessings and the faction it hails from.  Battling against other players to generate enough hope to bring the faction one step closer to rebirth, through the spark of hope.  Each faction and avatar match up and are supplied with blessing by the Avatar, to challenge the arenas.

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