Thursday, 19 October 2017

Starfinder: Noctar - Concept (Planet)


Planet Statistics
Gravity:  0.9 of standard rating
Atmosphere:  Clean rich atmosphere

History:  The dark world as most of the common universe has come to know it.  A world of floating isles, deeply infused magic, and one of the most dangerous worlds charted.  The reason for all of this is a strong connection to a demonic realm, of an undisclosed name.  In fact, it is common for rifts and portals between their realm and ours to open on Noctar.  For this reason, in millennium before, the Architects had forbidden entering this world.  However, in their explosive expansion, Prime-Terra, sent several settler groups to Noctar.  This will always be remembered in history as a mistake. 

  The first several years, the settlers, established urban colonies and fought off the demon threat, with a moderate effort.  Over time though, corruption spread and demonic influences found roots through subtle methods into the settlers of Noctar.  When a generation had passed and the half-breeds emerged, chaos erupted.  Some began to side and even worship the demons.  Many lives were lost quickly, and for the first time in millennia, demons were given a chance and the technology to build starships.  This is when Prime Terra admitted they had made a grave mistake, and informed the Architects.  Prime Terra then spent great effort to contain the Darkness coming from Noctar and support those that still fought against them on the planet.  

Current State:  Prime Terra has done what it can to quarantine Noctar for 5 years.  The Architects spent this time building the Brightveil for a small faction called the Cyberknights.  The cyber knights are a group sworn to fight the darkest evils in the universe and defend those it preys upon.  The Brightveil is the first warship the Architects had built in 3000 years.  It uses the best technology at the Architect's disposal.  It has recently arrived on Noctar with the Cyberknight faction.  It's drift engines were immediately ejected.  There is no turning back for the cyber knights, they will succeed on Noctar, or fall trying.

Locations of Note

Brightveil:  Both a colony and warship, it is the current HQ of the cyber knights and one of the most powerful warships the universe has seen.  Led by Luke Angelguard, it will be a beacon of light in the fight against Noctar's demonic forces.

Harmony Prime:  One of the first settlements established by Prime Terra, the settlement spans 3 floating isles, held together by a gravity tether.  This settlement has been left relatively untouched by the darkness and is a bastion to fight against the evil below.

Crossroads Dukes:  The first settlement to make a pact with the demons.  It is a neutral zone for corrupted and innocent alike.  On the edge of the demonic strongholds, they get few willing to enter or trade.  After all, what price did they pay for this safety?

Hooks that may lead PCs here

  • The PCs are hired to help a half breed escape Noctar.
  • The PCs are convicts fighting for the cyber knights to earn their freedom.
  • PCs are sent to tap into the magical energies of a node on the surface of the planet.


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