Thursday, 26 October 2017

Starfinder: Prime Terra (Faction)

Prime Terra

Origin:  Prime Terra has formed only a few centuries ago when a few worlds seeded with humans managed to take to the stars and find others.  Though there were several other races out there that knew of humans, legends kept them from interfering before they managed to become able to space travel.  Seeing earth as not the only world of humans, they began to band together, and unite as Prime Terra.  One thing all the humans had in common was a lack of magical lore on their respective worlds.  Now humans have expanded to the stars with settler ships and terraforming technology.  Prime Terra also rushes to bring their technology and magic to speed with the other universes factions.

Mission:  To expand and advance the human race.  They are not xenophobic but put humans advancement as the focus of their advancement. Though they attempt to do this through legal means, they often think the older factions too hesitant to act.

Hidden Truth:  Mistakes have been made.  There is a number of times that Prime Terra has made errors in their quest, and they have taken a great deal of effort to ensure such situations don't get discovered by outsiders.  Noctar is the first public incident of a public mistake by Prime Terra.

Membership:  Nearly all members of Prime Terra are humans. Though the Prime Terra does practice a standing of open membership.

Centers of Power

Earth:  The second human group to reach the stars.  Though Prime was first, that world was lost to the swarm infection.

Terra:  The third human growth world.  Now the hub of most Prime Terra fleet construction and Advanced settler training.

Sub-groups within (Public and secret)

Lords of Bone:  This small group focus exclusively on the magical study.  Their goal is not only to reach the same power of races practising magic much longer but to exceed them.  They are willing to take greater risks then Prime Terra will admit to.  (Secret)

Settler Core:  A group focused on colonizing the human race across the galaxy.  They train and fund colony missions as well as study terraforming technology.  (Public)

Other Factions

Architects:  The so-called voice of reason among the stars.  In honesty, they are just a subtle upper class keeping others down.
Cyberknights:  A faction younger than our own.  We can admire their zeal.  But maybe are too trusting with whom they call brother.
Foundry:  I don't like their treatment of undeveloped races, but they are too big to make an enemy at this time.  Maybe once we expand and catch up, we can afford a much nobler stance against them.

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