Saturday, 11 November 2017

Starfinder: Foundry (Faction)

The Foundry

Origin:  The Foundry was forged long ago by 3 species looking to break from their ties to racial tradition and build a society focused on the ideals of better living through the use of the universes endless resources.  This was not easily done, the Dwarves and others had a rough time cutting such ties for what others saw as selfish and as far as a betrayal.  The biggest turning point was the freeing of the androids, who choose the Foundry as their new employer over many advanced species expecting their servitude.  

Mission:  To gather natural resources from undeveloped worlds to improve those that are starfaring and advanced races.

Hidden Truth:  The reality of the Foundry is that the ones they improve are not the most advanced, but those that are the wealthiest and willing to pay the most to get things done.

Membership:  The Foundry has species of all sort join them.  The call of wealth and independence is strong in many, so they are never short for those looking to work.  Androids are often found as Foundry members, due to finding no judgement about their origin.

Centers of Power

Smelting Golemships:  Lead starships of the Foundry that help the faction stay in communication and strike fear into those that would attempt military tactics against the merchants.

Black Web:  A star system that is hard to jump to.  It is where the foundry develops it's larger starships and tests new technologies. 

Sub-groups within (Public and secret)

The analysis:  A small forward group that scans and researches planets for gathering and extraction of natural resources.  Fill with linguist and diplomats, seen by those with advanced technologies as con artists.  (Public)

Heartless:  A hit squad that the Foundry uses if they find the savages of a planet unresponsive to 'reason' and capitalism.  (Secret)

Other Factions

Architects:  Let the past die, it's time for diversity over blood to decide the future.
Cyber Knights:  They serve a purpose.
Prime Terra:  Weapons of the past.  Too bad they don't have the same sense the androids did.

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