Sunday, 24 December 2017

Starfinder: Alternative History - Humans

Alternative History:  Humans


  Humans, the last experiment of the forgotten war species defeated by the Architects long ago.  Cultivated on a select few scattered worlds with a few common traits;  Diverse bio-domes, low to know magic wellsprings and no other advanced intelligent competition.  Humans were designed to have a strong, but malleable to DNA alterations from external technology and magic.  As well, to have a natural paranoia of the unknown.  They would become the ideal soldiers and assistance in their war to conquer the galaxy.  Fortunately, it never came to that, mankind's creators were destroyed long ago.

  So forgotten for a time, humans flourished on Earth, Terra and Prime.  Though violent and warlike, they did grow.  After a time they flew to the stars themselves.  Meeting one another, among the other species of space.  Most ignored the humans for their vast lack of magical knowledge, and some were even put to slave work by the foundry.  But in less than a decade, and the fall of Earth, humans revolted, raged and fought back.  They carved out a bloody war for 7 years, the universe was not used to such a drastic change in a short period.  They forced the other factions to recognize them as equals and not lesser beings.  This is when Prime-Terra was born, though some humans flocked to other factions, now being placed as equals with full memberships.  That is except for the Architects, they still often ignore what they consider memories of a time best forgotten.


Alternative Racial trait

Mutable DNA:  Gain an extra personal advancement slot.  This replaces the +1 skill point per level.

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