Thursday, 4 January 2018

Starfinder: Evolution Crystals (Items/resource)

Basic Information

Evolution crystals are a classification of material found in the universe that could be processed through advanced technology, magic and genetic manipulation to create powerful transformations that can help on small and large scales.

Raw forms

The most often found inert, in large enough quantities can be triggered to have a  minor effect on a large scale. The architects have colour-coded the uses of these crystals in order to better process and market them. Many of these crystals affect creatures on a bio or evolutionary level.

Green: The flow of diversity and adaptation. In large amounts, it can allow a species to adapt rapidly to an extreme change in their habitat. Making evolutionary jumps by leaps and bounds. Large deposits of this colour of crystal hidden on the developing world Dessa.

White: The flow of moving space and communications across the universe. It is the processing of this crystal that allows communication and travel across the stars to the level it has been reached. Often used to make great feat interstellar communication, of smaller vessels and important cargo quickly across the stars. Although any travel provided by this crystal beyond the line of sight will not transport other crystals.

Red:  The flow of Paragon and polarization.  Bringing out the idealized form of its targets.  Bonds with the DNA of those that use them, they can allow one to bring out there best.  Strengths are bolstered at the price of greater flaws.  That is the power of Red.

Sample items Shards

Note:  Shards are Evo crystal items that are one use and have a 1d6 x 10 minute duration in their effects.

Gene Pulse Shard (Red):  Bringing out the paragon of a person's species genetic code, the shard will a different effect on your based on your species.  Below are a few examples;
Humans:  +2 racial ability bonus increases to +4 for the duration.
Wenlsu:  When rolling stealth, you may reroll any result of 10 or less once every 10 minutes.

Gene Spread Shard (Green):  This shard writes a little bit of genetic code of another species to yours.  You must apply DNA of the creature you wish to gain the benefit of.  Once attuned to a species, it will give that benefit when used.  Examples of some race effect below.

Elven:  receive a +2 racial bonus to caster level checks to overcome spell resistance.
Wenlsu:  If you fail a save against poison restore half your stamina points.

Star Messanger Shard (White):  Send a short message of up to 25 words to one person you know in the multiverse.  I will be recieved 24 hours later.  If the target is not of mind to recieve the message, it will be delayed until they can.

Any thoughts on price value??

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