Thursday, 4 January 2018

Moment of Truth (MoT): New Year, New Project (Limus - Species)

  This year I plan to focus some of my attention towards gaming and fledging game design on the upcoming RPG Moment of Truth by Stu Venable. I have many ideas and hope to get many ideas out there towards not only subsystems but settings as well.  I am looking to see how I can bend and work with the rule set to see what I can get.  So I am going to start with an ooze based race that is playable.  It will be my first attempt at this rules set for an upcoming game.  So let's see what happens.

Major boons
  These are supernatural boons that are either double the normal cost OR are given by a template.  Most templates will either be a Strange species or something added to a simple race.  MoT is not needed to use these boons.

Limus (Major Race)
  Ooze based creatures. Origin seems to be small pockets over the universe. The Procreates through self-mass division. Adult sacrifices itself into many young, leaving itself weakened and creating young of animal intelligence to find their way. Limus instinctively fight others of their species that are of the same size, but not 'family'. The loser is consumed to help the victor grow towards their next spawning. This is their way.
Stats Adjustment:  +1 agility , -1 strength
Major boon: Slime Growth
Flaw:  Hunger (Excessive material, mana or Technology.)

Slime Growth (Major boon)
  Possessed by slimes and even stranger beings, it grants the following below to your character sheet;
New Skill:  Morphic
New Derived stat:  Hunger Threshold  (Endurance + Willpower)/2-1 round down.
New Points: Morphic Size starts at one.

Morphic (Skill)
Restricted:  Must have a proper boon or Storytellers permission to take this skill.  As well you must have hunger threshold above 0.
  Morphic is a skill that lets you do a few different feats based on your transforming nature.  Each time you attempt these feats you gain hunger.  When you gain a rank in this skill gain a feat this skill can perform.  You must gain the number of successes needed by feat to gain benefit.  Note you gain hunger whether feat is successful or not.

Feats of Morphic
  • Humanoid or animal form:  You take on this form for a number of scenes equal to your morphic size.
  • Armoured:  Gain your morphic size in armour for as many rounds as successes against physical attacks.  If you suffer any major wounds after armour then you lose one morphic size.
  • Squeeze:  Fit through a small crack in an area with enough space for water to travel through.  
  • Drone:  Create one drone per extra success, to a max of your morphic size.  They will perform one simple task.
  • Blade limb:  Gain a weapon as an unarmed or natural attack.   Strength + Skill + Morphic size, with 4/5 physical damage.  
  • Spawn (All Limus gain this feat free):  Transform into a ball for ten minutes.  Then explode into a number of Limus equal to your morphic size+1.  Then reset your morphic size to 1.  The new Limus besides your are of animal intelligent and will be for the first year of life.  
  • Mana surge:  If successful produce one mana.
  • Sizable might:  Gain your morphic size in Strength for as many rounds as successes.  If you suffer any major wounds after armour then you lose one morphic size.
  • More options possible in the future.

Hunger and Morphic size
 As your morphic size increases, it becomes harder to feed your hunger.  To reduce your hunger you must consume your morphic size work to decrease it by 1.  Therefore if you consume mana, you must consume as many mana as your morphic size to reduce your hunger by 1.  If you consume more then that when you reduce your hunger from one to zero you may attempt to increase your morphic size.  Roll Hunger threshold + Morphic, if you get more successes then your current size, your size increases by 1.  As well you may consume an opponent with the same morphic size that you slain to satisfy up to 2 hunger and grow morphic size by 1.

Exceeding hunger threshold
  Suffer major damage equal to your Morphic size and lose one size each scene you are active until you have a chance to bring hunger below Threshold.

Minor boons for the Limus

Evolving colour:  When you feed enough to increase your size you may choose to rearrange your feats chosen for Morphic instead.

Masterfully Morphic:  +3d6 to morphic skill when used.

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