Thursday, 11 January 2018

MoT: New Campaign - Prime Gates

The Plan

  In the near future, I will be running a science fantasy campaign in the system Moment of Truth titled Prime Gates.  It will follow a future where space travel is possible but is mostly done through gate networks on planets and space stations.  The PCs will be focused on a planet known as Medea Core.  There will be fantastic alien species, grand adventures, fantastic magic and comedy of the player characters... so much comedy.

The System 

  So as stated I will be using Moment of Truth by Stu Venable.  I will be making some small changes to the standard character creation.  First, all players will choose a species granting stat adjustments and possibly Boons and problems associated with them.  Second, I will be adding in some supernatural or hyper-tech options, like werecreatures, magic and mad science.  These rules will be found here at the blog along with other setting material. Finally, I hate tracking coin and credit so I will be making an abstract wealth system, that will include money and forms of goods in broad terms.

The Skills

  There are some changes to the standard skills.  First, Drive and Pilot are combined under the pilot for all controls.  Second some new standards are being added to reflect the common use of magic and technology in the setting, which will be described in more detail in later post.  These skills are as follows;  Arcane Artisan, Drift, and Magic Lore. These will beside the other supernatural skills that will come into play.  There will be more on full skills list in a later post.

The Goal

  I hope to both expand the Moment of Truth rules set, creating options for supernatural, and create a podcast over the 2018 year.  Let's hope both are glorious and entertaining to the masses.

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