Monday, 15 January 2018

MoT: Earth's history (Science Fantasy Setting-Prime Gates)

  So preparing for a campaign using a Moment of Truth.  Sci-fi with humans exploring the gate system that allows travel across the cosmos.  Here are some events on earth leading up to the start of the campaign.

Events in the Past of Earth

Founding of the first Prime Gate:  Quite by accident, a science experiment on earth interrupted a gate transport of Rei-la Scientists.  In order to return home, the Rei-la were required to pass on the gate building technology to humans of earth.  This led to a non-magic and only moderately technological species to have the secrets of gate creation and interstellar travel.  This is considered by many advanced species, a mistake.

The release of the Lycan virus:  Discovered early in mankind's expeditions to the unknown.  This advanced virus rooted deeply in magical arts was intended as a weapon.  Used to create savage warriors that infected more to their ranks, this lead to a 4-year quarantine on earth until it could get under control by the Lycan Tribal alliance.  A group of werecreatures policing others of their own kind.  No 'accepted' members of society, the werecreatures keep their own in line, often with savage and deadly punishments for breaking the accords set out.

Unified Earth:  With exploration and the Lycan outbreak, earth divided into 4 major factions;  The United Earth Market, a group of the upper financial uniting in the expansion of the human race.  The Guard, military, police protection and control over the criminal. The Lycan tribal alliance made up of the new shift-shaper subsect of mankind.  Finally, the smallest group, the Five, a group focused on the study of magic to bring mankind up to the level of other species encountered.

Discovery of Medea:  The first time that the people of earth discovered other humans in their travels.  The humans on the planet Medea are versed deeply in magic but were staggering behind in technology and population compared to earth.  This led to a strong alliance and currently a gradual incorporation into the power factions of the earth.  This is the first place that the people of earth have been able to fathom creating a real, undamaged Arcane Hearthstone to bring to earth.


Earth Born
Stats Adjustment:  +1 Education, -1 Perception or Willpower
Boon: Status or Wealth (Type)

Medea Born
Stats Adjustment:  +1 Willpower, -1 Education
Boon: Magic Conduit or Weapon Mastery (Select a weapon)

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