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MoT: Shapershifters/wereforms (template)

  Shapeshifters are a common trope in many tales.  These rules will focus on the classic werecreatures of mythology.  Having an alternative animal form they become.  Dire in natural and more powerful than their natural counterparts.

Lycan (Template human only-For use with Prime Gates setting)
  Humans suffering from the Lycan or were virus.
Combine with human stat adjustments (If any). But not boons.
Major Boon: Were-form

Minor Flaw: Triggered form

Were-form (Major Boon)
New Skill:  Primal Shift
New points:  Virus, starts at zero
New Flaw:  Triggered form

Primal Shift (Skill)
  The ability for the inflicted to control their form and harness the new instinct granted to them with this connection.  When you attempt to enter your monstrous form on purpose you roll an endurance+primal shift, each success allows you to safely hold the form for 10 minutes outside of combat, or one turn in combat.  You may hold it up to double that by increasing virus by 1 for each additional success you would need.  Trying to control a triggered transformation is a willpower + primal shift, gaining control of the form for a number turns based on successes, before rampage continues.  If you gain more successes then turns the trigger would cause, you can choose not to transform at all.

Benefits of your Monstrous Form
  When a Monstrous form is assumed, They gain a bonus 3 stats based on what animal the virus bonded with.  In addition, all natural attacks are set with damage Strength+Skill+2 (4/6 damage).

  The virus that grants this transformation is also quite dangerous.  Each time you fail to you enter your form by your trigger, increase virus 2.  It also increases when you push your form, gaining 1 virus for each round or 10 minutes you push it.  If you enter your monstrous form in less then an hour from the last time, gain 1 virus.  When you suffer 1 or more major wound from a blow, while in Monstrous form, virus increases by 1.  If your virus ever gets higher then 10 times your Willpower, it could strip you of your higher thoughts and you could forever become a rampaging beast.

Lowering Your virus rating
  There are limited ways to reduce your virus rating.  When you cause a major damage to an organic target you may transfer one virus onto the target.  Once a session, you may attempt dangerous way to burn out parts of the virus.  At a location saturated in magic, you may roll an Endurance + Primal Shift, and spend mana in success rolled to reduce your virus by that much, however, this inflicts that much major damage as well.  Finally, if you go a session without transforming, you may lower your virus by 1d6.

Turning others
  If the virus is inflicted on target, the next time the target experiences your wereform's trigger, they must roll an Endurance + Willpower with setbacks equal to one fifth their virus rating.  If they succeed then all virus is lost and they remain human.  If not, then the virus is set to zero, and they become a were-creature transformed by the one that spread the virus.

Sample Wereforms

Stats: +2 strength, +1 endurance
Trigger:  Disturbed sleep

Stats: +2 agility and +1 Strength
Trigger:  Jealousy

Stats:  +1 agility, endurance and strength
Trigger:  Bright flashes of light.

Stats:  +2 agility and +1 perception
Trigger:  Attacked unexpectedly

Stats:  +2 perception and +1 agility
Trigger:  Hungry for more then a scene

Stats:  +1 agility, strength and perception
Trigger:  Full moon

Minor Talents for Werecreatures
Deadly aggression:  Change natural attack damage from 4/6 to either 3/6 or 4/5.  You may take this boon talent twice to have 3/5 damage.

Rapid healing:  Regenerate injury while resting at the cost of virus.  Gain one virus for every 2 minor and 2 virus for every major.

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