Thursday 1 February 2018

MoT: Foundation of the magic system part 1.


Reading Magical Skills

  Magic is broken down into skills and styles within. When you take a Magic User boon, you gain access to specific magic skills and styles. As you train you may be able to develop more styles in the skills you know. Each skill is has a Stat focus that is used with the magical skill when using that type of magic. Some Skills break down into divisions as well. When you gain access to the skill you select one division, this can mean something different for different magical skills so read closely.

Reading Styles/spells

  Under each magical skill, there are a set of 'styles' or spells if you prefer. Each will give an effect of what it does and some qualifiers that may improve the effect, such as spending mana, regents or extra successes. Some Styles may even have style upgrades, that if you learn can improve the effect or potential of the spell further.

Mana Cost and Casting

  When casting a spell, unless stated in the effect it cost no additional mana on a success. Though there are often options for spending extra mana to improve the effect. However, when you fail to cast a spell, that is a different matter. When your character fails a spell roll, they must either pay one mana for every result of 1 on the spell dice or suffer one minor for each of those resulting 1 dice. That is the risk of magic. You may negate this effect by paying one mana before the dice are rolled.

Magic and range

  Unless stated otherwise when a spell is cast you must touch a target. This can be negated by proper Catalyst or medium that characters can learn or purchase.


  The art of strengthening the flesh and bone of the living.
Skill: Biomagic
Stat Focus: Endurance
Targets: Must be used on a living organic being.

Biomancy Styles

Bolster Form - Select one physical attribute each time you take this style.
Effect: Increase the physical stat chosen of a target by 1 for a short duration.
Additional Success: Increase the bonus to stats by one per additional success.
Spend mana: For each mana spend add an extra short duration to the time remaining on the effect.

Harden skin
Effect: Gain 1 armour for a short duration
Additional Success: add an extra short duration to the time remaining on the effect.
Spend Mana: +1 armour for the effect.

Effect: Convert 1 major wound to a minor wound.
Additional Success: Convert additional major wounds to minor wounds.
Spend Mana: Recover 2 minor wounds equal to mana spend. This cannot heal wounds caused by failed uses of magic.

More coming in the future, stay tuned.

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