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MoT: Background of the Rei-La

Background of the Rei-La

The Rei-La are just one of a number of sibling shape-shifting alien species that adapt and grow based on their parent planet. The Rei-La are from the planet Rei and so take that as part of both their racial name as well as personal name. (Tao-La from planet Tao and Per-La from planet Per would be other examples of sibling species.)

Rei is a planet that is shrouded in darkness for an average of 36 hours of its 41 hour days. There is plenty of land masses but most do not exceed 6,000,000 km2 and the ratio of water covering the planet is about 64%. The topography can best be described as both jungle like and desert-like depending on the location, and the gravity is somewhat lower than that of the original Earth.

Due to the nature of their surroundings, the Rei-La have developed several physical characteristics such as multiple eyes, fins and luminescence that exist across both their humanoid and shifted forms. The Rei-La's shifted form is a creature similar to what would be known as panthers, suited to living among the thick undergrowth, trees and mountains. Their eyes and luminescence assist them in the dark while their fins allow them to take in moisture from the surrounding air and traverse the numerous bodies of water. Other typical physical characteristics are purple tone skin, average heights exceeding 6 foot and an average lifespan of 215 years.

The Rei-La are genderless and thus reproduce asexually. When they reach a certain stage in their maturity a naturally occurring trigger in their DNA causes them to conceive, carry and birth a single offspring whose gestation period is about 13 months. This only occurs once in their lifetime. Generally known as a curious and peaceful race, their initial and longtime isolation from other species have left them somewhat naive regarding other species and with a childlike lack of empathy toward them. Due to this, it is thought that the Rei-La are the accidental cause of the Lycanthropic virus caused by a careless and irresponsible first contact with humankind.

As a species, the Rei-La are highly developed intelligence wise but choose to live in a simpler more naturalistic way in harmony with their planet. They are communal, with a few exceptions, and no one's voice is more important than the others. Most Rei-La are scholars in fields such as Botany, Astrology, Zoology, Anthropology, History and Medicine. They have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and dedicate their lives to that pursuit.

Stat: Perception +1, Willpower -1
Boon: Panther form (As wereform but panther set, no trigger for the Rei-la)
Problem: Lost empathy or Pacifist.

Extra Boon Options
Virus Resistance:  At the end of each session reduce virus by 1d6.

(This background to the Rei-La was provided by Nikki Simon, a player in the current game set to the Prime Gate Network setting.)

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