Thursday, 11 July 2013

Warlock's Sanctum: Fate Core Contest 2

Contest #2

So new fate based contest, theme is as follows

'Monster hidden in modern day.'

The rules
1. The creation must have stats to Fate Core or Fate accelerated.

2. When all is said and done it must be 2000 words or less.

3. All submissions must be sent to

4. Have fun. Very important rule.

5. Deadline August 1, 2013.

Once the entries are in by the deadline, assuming I get more then one, I will set up a one week voting poll. All submissions will be view able, but creators will be kept secret until the voting period is over.

The winner of this friendly contest will get a $10 gift certificate for

Note: if you have worked on any published work or a blog, you may include a link and I will put it under your name on the finished document at the end of the contest. 

Update:  Entries are in.  View them here.  Remember to vote in the comments.  Voting lasts until the 8th of August.


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  2. What is the goal of the contest? To create a monster, a scenario, or a campaign world?

  3. If I had seen this sooner I would have tried to write something up. I just noticed this on G+ though. =(

  4. That's alright. Just put email into the follow by email. That way you won't miss the next one :)