Thursday, 18 July 2013

To Destroy that Which Created Me: A Becoming Quest, Part 1 - Hero

The Quest

  The hero was a mage apprentice to a wizard that has gone mad.  He is called to put a stop to his former masters evil.

The Hero


Good will be triumphant.
I can trust in magic
There is still hope for my old master
The people are depending on me
I am swayed by my heart, not by your words
I will not fall into corruption


Command the elemental forces
Gaze into another's soul
Learned well
Magic Protects
Words that bind
People's trust


Sy, Raven familiar
Har, The golem
Janice, Master's Daughter
Eric, My brother in magic
Tali, My old rival
Gregar, The mage slayer

Think about

  What drove your master mad?  Can you really stop him?  If not what will happen to the innocent?

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