Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Creature Code KR684: Scrap Imp

The art was done by Jeff Preston.  Released under Creative Commons.

  Scrap Imps are notorious little creatures of the that hunt through the refuse of any tribe.  Hunting for abandoned tech and magic to sell to those of their own tribe.  They work well supporting other imps and can commonly be found as advisers to some powerful, gear focused leaders.  Though any who work with Scrap imps long enough learn to keep them on a short leash.

True Traits

Alignment:  Technology
Aspects:  I can find what you seek, FIREPOWER!

Skills:  4- Craft, 3- Stealth, 2- Notice and 1- Investigation


If I shake it just so:  +2 for effect to get magical gear activated.

Base Code (The Imp Empire)

Alignment:  Technology
Skills:  3- Craft, 2- Tribal Skill, and 1- Notice

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