Sunday, 28 July 2013

To Destroy that Which Created Me: A Becoming Quest, Part 5 - The Final Three Quests

Scene 7: The Door Before the Master

Agent of Threat: Doubt

Set up: The Hero finds the entrance to his former master's inner sanctum. The presence of the power makes the Hero pause.

Mocking door handle
Immense aura of magic
"Can you really do this?"
Unstained appearance
The doors creak open

Threat (8 dice)
Is the Hero prepared to face his former master? Does he have a hope to win? Does he have the courage to do what needs to be done?

Scene 8: Battle Between the Teacher and the Student

Agent of Threat: Forbidden Magic

Set up: Now within the inner sanctum of the dark mage, the hero can afford no hesitation  The duel can have only one victor.

Hesitant Master
No interuptions
Tension of history
"You cannot understand."
Truly potent magic

Threat (8 dice)
  How far will the Hero push his magic? Will he cross the line into darker forces? Can he overcome his master's magic?

Scene 9: Is it True?

Agent of Threat: Mistrust

Set up: Bloodied and beaten, the master begs his former apprentice to listen once more.

All is not what it seems
"Beware the knights, our true enemies."
Exhaustion all around
Tears from the mages eyes
A confession

Threat (8 dice)
Does the hero believe his master? Will the Hero slay his mentor? Or offer him a chance for redemption? Who is the true evil?

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