Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Fate Core: Tournament Magi - Sample Scenario Crash Orb

Crash Orb

Each Hex counts as a zone.

Objective:  Score points by placing your team orbs into opponents orb generator zone.  

Generator Zones (Green):  Teams orb generator zones are the green zones next to the teams starting location.  Any player on team may generate an orb as an action.  A team may only have one orb at a time.

Team Starting locations (Red or Blue):  Where teams enter players to the field.  Team player limit set by arena coordinators.

Random Hazard (Grey):  Roll on the chart below with one fate die to decide games hazard.

+ Regeneration:  Take an action, reduce one moderate consequence to a minor one. 
0  Shifting mirrors:  Make a notice check to leave zone.
-  Shock Bolts:  A shoot 2 attack against all who enter zone.

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