Saturday, 10 August 2013

A new Facebook pbp with friends.

So Starting a new pbp game with my gaming group and thought I would post their adventures here.  These are the options I gave them.

1. Hidden/revelation: forces of power have always worked hard to hide true power from the mundane. But will unnatural threat attacks the innocent where is the line between doing what's right for the innocent and what's right for the powerful?

2. Divinity street wars: reborn divine beings battle for territory in the streets of Detroit's most rundown neighbourhoods.

3. Hunter of sin: Beneath the surfaces of reality, demons hide amoung men. A group of dark detectives are brought in to investigate an odd case. Murders of Sin grants, mortals who twisted lives give dark forces power. Who would slay innocent mortals rather then the dark creatures that feed on them.

Once we have a selection I will build the semi-prebuild :).

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