Friday, 26 July 2013

To Destroy that Which Created Me: A Becoming Quest, Part 4 - The Middle Three Quests

Scene 4: Approaching the Tower

Agent of Threat: Doubt

Set up: The hero approaches the mystic tower in the south. Crawling with dark servents and powerful wards.

Shuffling minions
Dancing wards
"Are you certain about going in there?"
"Is there another way."

Threat (6 dice)
Can the hero really hope to overcome the power of the one who taught him? Now that the master is willing to break the laws of magic?

Scene 5: Entering the Tower

Agent of Threat: Forbidden Magic

Set up: The hero must gain entry to the tower. As he prepares to, the tower comes under seige by warriors calling themselves, knights of dead magic.

Bloodthirsty minions
Exploding wards
A group of knights
"Death to the dark magic!"
Untrusty atmosphere

Threat (6 dice)
Can the Hero break into the tower? Can these knights help overcome the forbidden magic?

Scene 6: Betrayal Inside

Agent of Threat: Mistrust

Set up: The hero manages to get into the tower. However so did the Knights, and they paint you with the same guilt of your former master.

Violent Knight
"The only good mage is a dead one."
Servents watch for their master
Battle of morals
"Your master will soon join you mage."

Threat (6 dice)
Can the hero defeat these knights without uding forbidden magic? Will the Hero have enough strength left to face the fallen master? Why are unenlightened such fools?

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