Wednesday, 24 July 2013

To Destroy that Which Created Me: A Becoming Quest, Part 3 - The First Three Quests

Scene 1: The Messenger

Agent of threat: Doubt

Set up: A Messenger arrives telling you that your master has become corrupt and evil. The village of Harwan needs you before he returns.

The Messenger
"Your old master is evil"
College Janice
An urgent message
"It can't be true"

Threat (4 dice)
Can the hero believe this terrible news? Can he bring himself to confront the person that taught them everything?

Scene 2: Confronting Magic

Agent of Threat: Forbidden Magic

Set up: When the hero arrives the town of his/her
Mentor under siege by magical monstrosities.

People injured
Monstrous opposition
Tumbled buildings
People panicked
"Our master is of real magic"

Threat ( 4 dice)
Can the hero defeat the monsters quickly without drawing on darker forces? How many will die to this dark magic? What cost will it take to end such blood shed?

Scene 3: Those that Fear

Agent of Threat: Mistrust

Set up: Seeing the forces of magic misused the townsfolk are now wary of you and you presence. But you must find where you former master has gone.

"No magic can be trusted is the hands of mortals"
Maimed mayor, Hark
Looking for someone to blame
A new tower in the south

Threat (4 dice)
Can the hero find out where his former master now resides? Can he convince the town folk that not all magi are evil? Will they get violent?

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