Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Two Worlds: Coder (Character) Creation - Rough Draft

I feel I haven't done enough to fully do a character creation for Two worlds, but feel I need a skeleton for it to go any further.


High concept - Who your character is at their core.  An undisputed center of what your character concept is.

Trouble - Something in your characters life that cause them problems.  Whether a personal problem or an external one.

Connection to Earth - An aspect associated with the world you were born to.

Connection to Paragon - An aspect you have forged in the world you visit.


One skill at 3, two at 2 and three at 1.

Refresh and extras

As per fate Core

The champion

The champion is a creature code that you have advanced and are syched with.

Three other codes

Select 3 other codes, making sure at least one is a location code.

Next article will be about the different kinds of codes.

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