Sunday, 6 March 2016

RoaE: How Hirelings Work

  This post will explain how hirelings to work in Relics of an Empire.  Each act the available hirelings will be posted.  They will have a name, wants, abilities, and possibly loyalty.  First step to gaining access to a hirelings assistance is to gain loyalty from it.  If you have zero loyalty with the Hireling, you take the Gain loyalty of a Hireling to gain a base loyalty.   If you have at least one loyalty to the hireling, you may appeal to their wants without taking an action, more on wants later.

  Once you have any loyalty with a hireling you may attempt to command them.  Though so can any other player with loyalty.  The Hireling will take the action of the character with highest loyalty, however, the player will lose 2 loyalty if any other player with loyalty asked the hireling in question to act as well.  If you have loyalty the hireling, but you did not ask them to this turn, you can appeal to their wants.  If you have a trait the hireling seeks or if the hireling wants a resource, you increase their loyalty for each trait you possess and once for every two resources your willing to spend on the hireling.

Example coming soon.

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