Sunday, 13 March 2016

Hidden War: Siphon Gate City - Factions

The Player Factions of Siphon Gate City Brief Overview

The Angellan
  Beings of radiance that hide within unknowing mortals.  Sealed away tethered to the reincarnation of the human soul they are bound to.  These ancient forces have been dominant for centuries, but now as the balance of earth shifts to the darkness, they awaken.  Forces of light with a purpose have first awoken in Siphon city.  And now they aim to create a symbol of light out of this city.

The Dark Kin
  Creatures created in ancient time that feel of the darkness of mankind.  Growing strong by steering the morality of man downwards into the dark.  Sometimes called vampires, demons or other monsters in myths of man.  The hope to turn the city into a gate and breeding ground for there kind.

The Guardians
  With outside forces of the supernatural rise over the city.  Mortal mages begin to band together.  Earth is our realm, and only we and the humans of this world should guide it's course.  Our goal is to seal and banish the outsiders that attempt to take our world from us.

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