Sunday, 20 March 2016

RoaE: Hirelings Available, Act 2

Below are some Hireling that can attempt to be recruited.

James Orb, the Spell thief
  James has been in this dark realm for a long time.  He has survived on his ability to hide and knowledge of Black magic.
Wants:  Gold, Spells 2+
Loyalties:  None
Abilities: Attempt to steal resources or items.  Also may teach Spells if you have less then 3.

Grim, the Clockwork Hulk
  Grim is an ancient creation, that claims to have seen the end of time.  A place none should ever witness it claims. 
Wants:  Ore
Loyalties: None
Abilities: (Fury 4) may attack on Confronting and Siege.

Anna, Tainted Angel
  Entering this realm too soon, her divine form soaked up the tainted forces of their will.  
Wants:  Mana
Loyalties: None
Abilities:  (Fury 3) may assist on Patrols or may bind a province so it's leader may not use spells for the act.

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