Sunday, 20 March 2016

RoaE: Act 2 - The Shift

  By the end of the Act, the world is changing.  Reports of weird rifts surrounding the borders has worried your people.  Days have passed and none can find passage through these rifts.  A mural of ever changing colours fills the sky.  Just as it seems that the people may break into a panic, the sky clears and the borders open.  But the world outside your province has changed.  New landscapes and neighbours, have replaced old and understood ones.  It is a new world, and something is off.  But you and your people will endure and thrive in this new created world.  Of course, you likely are not the only one thinking that.

  OOC:  The world has been assembled, bring all you the different province together to play this scenario.   Combat is now a possibility.  Enjoy and see you next act.


Plentiful - Lumber
Rare - Mana

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