Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Hidden War: Siphon Gate City - How do Districts Work

The city is made up of a number of important districts.  There are different statistics to each district that I will explain.  First is the name and a short description .  Primary source is the paradigm energy that permeates the area, this effects what the supernatural can do.  Stability shows the health of the area, and it's ability to resist outside influences.  Awareness is like the danger track of how are the area is looking out for weird events and people.  Finally traits affect how the district operates.

Below is a sample District.

Sanctuary Park
  A large city block park.  Know for it's stillness, regardless of the time of day.
Primary Source:  Nature
Produces:  Motes /Regents
Stability OOOX
Awareness: 0
Trait(s):  Secrets 3

District Traits

Here is where the different traits will be tracked as created

Secrets, X: This district can be searched for mystic secrets.  When this happens successfully X is reduced by one.  If X reaches zero or less then Secrets is removed from District.

Black Market:  If health and awareness are 2 or less then add 2 wealth to districts income this turn.

Crop of Human:  When recruiting an agent, gain an extra draw on choices.

Gate:  Needed to meet conditions for some actions or objectives.

Secluded:  Reduce districts awareness each round by an additional 1.

Tight Knit Community:  If awareness increase during a turn, increase it by an additional 1.

More to come soon.

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