Monday, 14 March 2016

At the end of worlds: Race - Steel Elves part 1

Origin:  Steel elves rose from the ashes of the the Fallen Elemental wars that left the great forest of their ancestors burned and the ground salted.  Left with just the shores for food and the ore deposits that were revealed from their ruined homeland.  The Elves refused to leave, and took the ore they could gather for the land that had abandoned them.

Description:  The average Steel Elf have skin grey as the metal they work, though there is the rare bronze or copper skinned.  Their hair is either a coal black, or white as snow.  With eyes of gold and silver.  However, an oddity is sometimes born with eyes and hair a deep blue sapphire.

Homeland:  The Ashes Valley.

Society:  Steel elves are as passionate and prideful as their woodland counter parts.  However, that pride and power is turn towards forged steel rather then nature.  Steel Elves preach that the spirits of the forest turn against them in their weakest hour.  That woodlands cannot endure the same passion that the steel they forge possess.  The Steel elves see metal as their savoir an worship the forge god Thorgrim.  The Steel Elves are ruled by an elected council named the Elven Anvil.

Food:  Grapes, berries and field mice are the staples of the Steel Elves diet.  As well as wine produced by them.

Values:  Honesty over Gain, and Perfection over Leisure.

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