Saturday, 15 November 2014

Tournament Magi Scenario - Runner's peril

Another Scenario for Tournament Magi.


  One team chooses to be the Aggressor.  They select up to 5 members on their team to participate.  Defenders choose 4 members.  Defenders start in any zone with a number.  These numbers represent magical cannons used to hinder the other team.  Defender decides what type of cannon is at the start of the Scenario.

Special Rules

Cannons:  Cannons take 3 forms;  Ooze, wind and fire.  Successful 'attacks' have different effects depending on the cannon.  Ooze prevents character from leaving zone until overcome.  Wind knocks character back a zone.  Fire inflicts stress.

Defenders may not directly oppose the other team, they must rely on the cannons.  Each team member may either fire a cannon, or move to a different cannon.


Each time an aggressor reaches the end zone they score a point and that team member is returned to the start zone.  This Scenario is played for 10 rounds then the aggressor team and defenders switch.


Blue - Aggressor Starting zone.
Red - Aggressor end zone.
# - How many cannons the zones start with.

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