Saturday, 22 November 2014

Fate Core: Inspired Machines - (Introduction)

  Will be returning to Tournament Magi next week, but here's another idea that I have been working on.  Wondering what people think of it.  I would be a setting for Fate Core.

  What is the heart and soul of a machine?  That is the concept that is at the core of Inspired Machines.  Robots that have emotions and are capable of existing beyond a simple machine or A.I., whether through evolution of their own or growing beyond their programming.  This would be a futuristic game, where technology has advanced a great deal.  Utopia as a dream has been achieved and lost once more as the feelings behind its ideal diminished.  Inspiration for this game is drawn from things like Ghost in the Shell, Astro boy, Megaman X and Transformers.  These examples help to establish the feeling of such a setting.

Goals for this project;

  • PCs as advanced feeling machines or human personas transferred into machines.  
  • A way to customize modular parts that can be switched out.
  • Chips as items and effects.
  • A world of machines and questions on what makes something 'human'.
  • The ability to establish a base of Operations and Research.

Things I don't want to do with this;

  • Space travel
  • Magic

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  1. ENGINE HEART RPG was a RPG written about small service robots and how they behave when the humans are gone. Vaguely like the movie WALL-E except there are different robots and depending on their programming they might be in a "war."

    I love that the thing at the bottom asks me "Please prove you're not a robot." How apt.