Thursday, 10 January 2013

Fate Core: Tournament Magi part 5 - Roles


  In addition to the normal character creation, each character will have a role or position on the team.  Each will have an advantage and what equipment, mundane or magic, the character can be armed with during the events.  Slots, is the kind of magic they can have and the limit by the rules of the tournament.  Roles will take up one of your aspects and the advantage can be triggered with a fate point.


  The Brute's roll is to supply physical strength and a deal of brutality during the match.  Larger people, including things like ogres and such often fill this role when a team is lucky enough.

Armaments Allowance:  Heavy weapons
Slots allowed on self (Max):  Runic (2)
Advantage:  Gain +3 armour when taking the blow for a teammate.


  A group all role for any that use ranged weapons that are not entirely composed of magic.  This could be a bow or sling, are something as fancy as bone darts or the ability to spit acid.

Armaments Allowance:  Ranged weapons
Slots allowed on self(Max):  Any (2)
Advantage:  Once per scene, ignore targets armour for one attack.


  This is the name granted to a person capable of wielding destructive magics.  They may either be drawing them from seals, a natural born magic, or both.  Their role is to rain devastation upon the enemy.

Armaments Allowance:  Magi Staves and rings
Slots allowed on self (Max):  Any (3 + 2 attack based seals)
Advantage:  The Devastator may restore up to one seal.  Or can activate two seals in one action as long as they remain in the zone they are in, these seals can be activated without the sealing skill.


  The knight is an all around warrior on the team.  His advantage is versatility of armaments, and flexibility on the battlefield.

Armaments Allowance:  Any
Slots allowed on self (Max):  Any (2)
Advantage:  Once each scene the knight can change their weapon for any in the team armoury.


  The Medic is vital in longer events.  Their role can be vital on and off the battlefield.

Armaments Allowance:  Rings
Slots allowed on self:  Seals (3)
Advantage:  By spending one seals you may reduce the severity of one physical consequence by one degree.


  The Shiv or knife, is the quick striker of the group.  They are often stealthy if the event requires and make excellent scouts or fighters.

Armaments Allowance:  Light weapon
Slots allowed on self (Max):  Runic (2)
Advantage:  (Not sure yet)


  Not everyone steps into the arena in person.  Some use magical creations or dominated minions to do their work, more often then not necromancer tend to go this route.  Due to fan rebellion only one role of this kind may be used outside of golems.  They are known as riders.

Armaments Allowance:  Minion
Slots allowed on self (Max):  Any (3)
Advantage:  (Not sure yet, other then the minion itself)

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