Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Fate Core: Tournament Magi part 4 - Magic Slots

Magic Slots

  In tournament Magi, the majority of magic comes in the form of imbued power through runes, seals and mystic gemstones.  Though other magic may exist in the world, it is not as common as these forms.  Runes and seals can be drawn on a persons body and imbued with magic.  Some items can hold them as well.  Gemstones can only be placed on items to release their power.  We will get into items more later though.

The power contained in the seal is measured on a mystic level.
-Art by goldentigers


  Runes hold sustainable power.  They last longer then seals but often provide far weaker advantages.  Rune smiths specialize in not only etching runes but designing new ones as well.  Runes provide an ability equivalent to a stunt, but only one rune may be active on a person or item at any time.  Activating a new one cancels the old one.  Some runes bolster seals and gemstones.  Charged runes last until minor milestones, before needing to recharge.


  Seals are often single use abilities.  They are stored for when needed and are used to create potent effects.  All seals require a test of skill to unlock and use, though sealing can always be substituted.  Hoping to have a design section for this soon.  Seal writers prepare seals for the team.


  Continuous items that can alter the abilities of the items they are placed into.  Some abilities rely on the gemstones to power them, as opposed to fate points for supernatural stunts.  Gemstones though recharge over time without assistance, unlike runes, making them highly sought.

Self vs items

  Most magic slots can be placed on people or items.  It requires high quality items to be placed into.  As well the Tournament Magi rulings limit the amount that any person can place on themselves based off the role on the team they fill.  More on roles tomorrow.

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