Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Fate Core: Tournament Magi part 3


Practicing for battle
-Art by Michael A Scott

  So I suppose it's time to talk about skills.  Let's start with the assumed default, then discuss what is going to change to make the Tournament Magi setting work for the PC's sheet.

Crafts - used for making non magical items only.  Finer items are needed to be used with runes and seals

Drive and Resources - Right out.  I don't see there being vehicles to drive and resources will either be handled by the Team sheet, or will be removed as a whole.  Considered putting Burglary and Rapport here too but thought they may be of use outside the ring.

New Skills Ideas

Managing - Dealing with the duties, delegation and scheduling of the team.
Runic - Identifying, charging and altering runes.  Maybe a stunt to make new ones or extra slots on roles in the team.  More to be spoken of this later.
Sealing - Like Runic for the seals.
Binding - Thoughts on controlling supernatural and magical creations.

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