Monday, 7 January 2013

Fate Core: Tournament Magi part 2

The Team

Ice Golem
-Art by Sade

  Before creation of the individual characters the team gets it's own sheet with a unique creation that should involve all participating players if possible.

Step 1:  The name

  The name of the team should be agreed upon by everyone involved.  Be creative and have fun with it.

Step 2:  Aspects

  Just like your character your team will have Aspects but only 2.  The team's Manager and the Owner.  These aspects can be used by any member of the team, but cost a fate point as usual.  Also they can be compelled but it does not cost a fate point to resist compels from your team's aspects.

Step 3:  Team Skills

  Team Skills are unique skills that the team gets.  They are a different set then the players have to select from but follow the same rules as players, the team acting as it's own character.  The team starts with a single rank 2 and two rank 1 team skills.   Below are the team skills, more about what this specific skills do will be covered later.

Doc/healer - Person who patches up the players after vicious matches.
Golem Crafter - The group that builds and maintains golems.  More expensive then rookies, but also last longer too.
Morality - Cheerleaders and Mascots
Patrons - The number and usefulness of your fans.
Rookies - Cannon fodder to fill roles that professionals (PCs) cannot on the field.
Rune Smith - prepares weapons for runes and seal marks.
Seal writer - In charge of recharging and maintaining seals.
Smith - Person in charge of creating the teams individual weapons for the tournaments.
Sponsors - Your team's access to wealth and buying victory.
Team's Spellbook -  How well the team discovers and remembers new runes and seals collected on the battlefield.

There will be more as I think of them, or get good suggestions.

Step 4:  Edge

 Every team has something they are known for.  The team's edge is like a stunt your team can use.  A couple of examples below.

Extra Navigator seal:  An extra team seal that can be unleashed during the match.
We do X well:  X is one of the team skills.  The team considers that skill to be one point higher.


  The player get together for a new season of Tournament.  They decide they are the 'Dread Moons', and are going with a wild theme.  They are owned by a 'Old Reclusive Mage' and managed by 'Young Female Werecrow' which are now the team aspects.  
  When they get to skills the players decide they want to be the loved underdogs and take patron as their rank 2 skill.  Then they take Rookies and Morality at 1, showing they have priorities.  For they edge the take We do X well, and select Rookies as the edges advantage.


  Wondering if I should create stress tracks for the team.  Maybe something like Resources and Credibility? 

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